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How to Dunk a Basketball Like a PRO? The Best Guide For You

    This is one of the best and most extensive guides on how to dunk a basketball. Any sportsman has to adopt many positive and unique changes that make him different from all other players and gives him the unique character of the game.

    It is the characteristic which most of the players take for granted but it is very important and all the factors are dependable on dunking.

    If you have a good height and you can jump high, you still need some important tips and tricks to dunk a basketball because this game is a different game. It uses all your body parts.

    How to Dunk a Basketball pin

    On the other hand, if you have a small height and you know all the points and tips about dunking, then you will be a perfect player. It is possible for you through this article to make yourself and your techniques better and up to the mark.

    You can also roam on the internet and search for the best dunkers in the world. You will get to know that the best dunkers always have a small height and they can smash the ball the way they want to.

    In this article, I will show you all the tips and tricks that are very important if you want to dunk a basketball and you will be able to increase your speed and jump. All you need is the determination and a promise with yourself that you can go through it.

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    How to Dunk a Basketball: Tips and Training

    Here are the tips, tricks, and training for you, if you want to learn how to dunk a basketball. Focus on these all and have a good day ahead practicing them.

    Strength Training:

    When you listen to any athlete, the very first thing that comes in your mind is about strength training. It follows the general rule that the stronger you are, the better athlete you will be.

    There is also a misconception that strength training is only limited to building muscles and making your body stronger. This is wrong because strength training leads to a better jump, better mobility, better speed, and making your body flexible. So, it is very important in dunking.

    Some people have inborn capabilities like lean muscles and a good body physique. Others have to work to make their body strong in every way. Both cases are acceptable and will work for you.

    So, if you are a basketball player and you want to get benefit from your increase in the vertical jump? You will go for it. Will this strength training help you to improve your dunking? Yes, it will because it has all the things that are required for you to jump and dunk in a better way.

    If you have stronger muscles, you will be more likely to have a high jump, high speed, and more!

    If you want to train your strength, the following exercises are for you:

    • Basic squats.
    • Military presses.
    • Barbell rows.
    • Skipping
    • Bench presses.

    Remember that you have to stick with the basics only because it will lead you to some higher exercises automatically. These exercises are best for you and will allow you to train your body like the way you want to, in your home.

    If you want to improve your overall athletic performance, then I suggest you go for Olympic-style training. Through this, you can work on your explosiveness and balance too.

    Exercises to improve your vertical leap:

    Two things can help you to dunk. One is already discussed which is strength training which helps you to be more powerful and jump higher. If you are willing to dunk a basketball, but you do not have much power for it.

    The first step is to build your strength to push your body up easily. The other thing you can do is exercise to increase your vertical jump. Dunking and vertical jump have a direct relationship with each other and if one thing is improved, the other thing gets better automatically. It means you do not have to work anything else for that.

    Here are some exercises you can perform at your home if you want to improve your vertical jump. Through these exercises, you can note a remarkable difference in inches in your vertical jump.

    Skipping rope: It is the first thing you can do because it makes your body flexible. Flexibility is all you need to jump high. It is an all-round exercise for most of the games. It is best for cardiovascular training and helps you to have strong feet on the ground. Try doing this after your workout.

    Double skips and one-legged jumps: Once you get good at skipping, the next step is to shift to the double skips and one-legged jumps. If you are doing some repetitions in the variations of the jumps, you will enjoy a better jump. It will increase your balance and take off from the ground and a dunk is nothing without these two things. This will lead you to the hard training exercises and you will be building your calves because of this exercise.

    Plyometric: The next exercise you can do is plyometric. This exercise covers all the basics in jumping, catching, and working out with a ball. This leads to you have a better jump because you are doing it on the boxes and you can increase the height of the boxes when you feel that you are doing good and you need something more. This helps your muscles to be more powerful and explosive in no time. This allows you to use your kinetic energy efficiently and to convert all your horizontal energy and speed into a vertical jump.

    Practicing your strength and techniques:

    jump higher

    Once you are done with the strength training and all the essential exercises, the next step is to practice your jump. If you have done all the essential things, and you can touch the rim that is your goal. What is next? You have to practice all the things again and again and you have to polish what you have done so far.

    Dunking a basketball is not only about strength, but you also have to get some techniques and these all will come through practice. These include all the things like handling the ball, grip on the ground, balancing yourself before and after the jump, running smoothing, and many more.

    If you are handing the ball without running, you also have to handle the ball while jumping and while running. This is the part of the game and your practice.

    What problems short guys face?

    There is a problem for the short guys in handling the ball that they cannot get the focus on the ball. They have to grip the ball so efficiently but they cannot.

    All you have to do is to improve your arm swing. You have to move your arms because still arms cannot help you to handle the ball. You have to move your arms in a way that they should be going where there is the weight of the ball.

    The next problem you are facing is that you find difficulty in the mechanics of the dunking even if you are a pro at jumping. The solution for you that you have to start with the small steps that you call baby steps.

    After that, you have to push yourself up. In a week or two, you will be able to know all the mechanics of the dunking. This is the practice you have to do. If you are good at handling the ball with two hands, you have to learn it handling with your one hand at the start.

    How you can ease into it?

    Here are some easy things through which you can step up your game. While you are doing practice, start doing it with a small cricket ball. If you feel that you are good at that, start dunking with a volleyball.

    After that, do some dunking with the women’s ball and in the end, you will be able to handle the men’s ball. This is how you can improve the handling day by day and step by step. All you have to do is to keep yourself under control and gradually move upwards. This game and this practice require patience because it works on your body overall.

    Some useful tips and cautions:

    Till now, you are done with a high jump and a better dunk. Some other things act as add-ons in the game of basketball which prevents you from every kind of injury and helps you in getting a high jump:

    Use dorsiflexion: You have to use your dorsiflexion while you are running in the game. It means that you have to use your palm of the foot. It follows a general rule that your palm will have more energy and power as compared to the tips and toes. It will help you to run fast and prevent you from any unwanted situation.

    Keep chest and head up: If you want to run smoothly without making any error, then your head and chest must be pointed upward. It will allow you to have a perfect focus on the ball, better handling, and a perfect game. If you follow this rule, there will not be any chance for you to fall. It is very important for a perfect take-off and good explosiveness.

    Keep yourself controlled while dunking: While dunking, you have to control yourself. You have to make a difference here. You should not jump too far or too away from the ring because it can be fatal and can tear off your hand.

    Protect your every step: When you are running in the basketball, there are many other players are running with you and there are many reasons for an injury. You have to control your ankles and knees on a flat surface because a little push can cause you a very bad injury.

    Avoid grabbing the rim: This is allowed only under two conditions that if you want to protect you or the other players. Do not grab the rim for longer or for an unusual reason. This will cause you a foul and your game will be affected. You have to avoid it because if it is done incorrectly, it can cause an imbalance and you will fall on your back.

    Keep exploring your abilities:

    This is just a point for you to know that you can do everything you want to do. If you are a short guy and you do something extraordinary in the game, you will be able to see a shock on everyone’s face.

    Let me make you clear that basketball and dunking are fun but it requires many skills and exercises and I know that you are doing these all and spending time on these. You have to spend your time while handing the ball and dunking. You can still pull up the weights, do some hard exercises, and improve your body. This all is up to you.

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    Conclusion: How to dunk a basketball

    Now you are done with everything and you understood every single word. This is the time for you. If you are confident that you can smash the game, then go for it. If you feel that you need some workout and make your skills better, then go for it. If you feel that there are two conditions for you in the game, then go with the team and go with the flow. It is your life and your body.

    You have to imagine yourself doing these all and taking the appreciation and applause from the audience because you deserve this all. So what are you waiting for?

    Turn yourself into a dunking machine and show others that you are no less as compared to anyone else. See the interviews of the great world champions, get some motivation, note the positive changes, and go for a perfect game!

    Hopefully, you have learned how to dunk a basketball and learned more about the Vert Shock program, thank you for reading, and if you enjoyed it, please share it on your favorite social media down below.

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