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How to Get in Shape for Basketball [Get In The Best Shape]

    This is by far the fastest and the best way to learn how to get in shape for basketball. Getting in shape and getting in shape for basketball are two different things. Basketball is a game that uses all your body parts and you have to give your best.

    Giving your best would be very difficult if you are not in shape. It is a cardiovascular game and it requires short and intense workout, the long workouts are of no use. It is also the game of burning calories.

    In every jump and in every step you are losing a lot of calories. So, you have to burn these also in your exercise and practice, that’s why you need to work hard.

    How to get in shape for basketball pin

    So, today I will show you the way you can make and train your body for a basketball. All you need is self-determination and you would be smashing the court after a couple of weeks. Yes, pretty soon you can make yourself fit for basketball and start dunking like crazy.

    Get in shape for basketball

    Here are some tips and exercises that will help you learn how to get in shape for basketball and to make your body perfect for any game in the future.

    Short sprints over long runs

    short sprint

    Basketball is not the game of running. It is about running, running, changing your direction every second, power, grip, and acceleration. You cannot rely only on running. You are not required to run miles for this. The game of basketball is all about a quick pace. Running short sprints will help you a lot. You do not need any equipment for this as you can do this at your home.

    It will help you to work on your cuts and change your direction. Daily you have to give 20 to 30 minutes to the short sprints. You should be quick from the different areas of the court.

    Elevated foot push-ups

    These are required to make your glutes, hips, and shoulder strength and it will also give them a shape. Like a game of basketball requires all your body and every organ should be strong.

    You have to do elevated foot pushups and you can use a block or you can do it on any sofa.

    • Do 3 to 5 sets of 10 reps.


    Planks are very important because it increases resistance power in your body. Your upper and lower body will be able to make your body flexible and strong as well.

    • You are required to do 3 to 5 sets for 1 minute.

    Side planks (both sides)

    You have to do side planks in between the sets of planks. These will help you to make a proper body balance and shape of your body.

    Leg raise

    You can do leg raise by laying on the floor on your back and raise your one leg towards the ceiling for about 1 minute. Do this with your second leg.

    It will help you to work on your hamstrings and legs. You will have a better take off, approach and you will be able to boost your jump when you are going to throw the ball in the basket.

    Brisk walking

    It is the exercise for your cardio and will help you the most in your body forming for basketball. It is the easiest but neglected exercise. Yet, it has many benefits. You have to start slow and gradually speed up yourself and increase the time. Try to do them on grass for having a better grip because this is an exercise that will help you to have an improved grip.

    Air squats

    This exercise is very useful for burning down your lower body and provide you with stamina and strength. You have to do with feet hip-width apart and take your body into a lower squat position and come back into one fluid motion.

    • Repeat it for 12 times.


    This will work on your lower back and core of the body. It will make your lower back flexible but do not come up too high off the ground because you can strain your lower back if you do so.

    • You have to do 10 to 12 sets of this exercise and focus on your lower back and core of your body.


    The next exercise you have to do is lunges. It will work on your glutes and your posterior chain. It will activate them. This is very important both for first-step quickness, explosion, and also a triple extension of your vertical jump.

    You have to do a stationary lunge. You have to step out with your right foot, hands should be on your hips and lower your body or go towards the ground. After that, come back and repeat. Alternate your foot with every step.

    V-up toe touches

    This will activate your arms and core muscles that are extremely important in your vertical jump and your explosiveness. For this, you have to lay on your back and raise your legs and hands in the V motion. Touch your toes and come back towards the starting position. Again do that V toes touch.

    Do not afraid of the baby steps

    The most important problem is that people want a fast change. No one can get that.  You have to start from scratch. People give 4 to 6 weeks to their body to get in shape. It has been seen that people doing high-intensity interval training (HIIT) are more likely to get cardiovascular fitness than those who were doing it at a moderate or slow rate.

    All you need is a slow workout leading to an intense workout and test your capability and tolerance level.

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    Conclusion: How to Get in Shape for Basketball

    You have to do these all exercises with little or no rest because you have to challenge all your muscles and make them best. All these exercises will give you the pump and boost to make your body in perfect shape for basketball.

    These will make your strong at the beginning of the game as well as at the end of the game. Follow the Vert Shock program and improve your game drastically. I have a full review and you can read it by clicking here.

    Hopefully, this post on how to get in shape for basketball was helpful for you and you learned how to get in the best shape possible.

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