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Vert Shock Review – Honest Breakdown That Will Shock You!

    This is a Vert Shock review and an honest breakdown that might shock you. Vert shock is a jumping program developed by seasoned former basketball players in a bid to improve the vertical jump of an individual for up to 8 – 15 inches at the end of the program period.

    It is an eight-week program filled with approximately 41 different exercises. Keep reading this Vert Shock review if you want to jump higher and improve your dunking.

    Vert Shock Review

    Vert shock uses the traditional jumping technique and marge with plyometric jumping exercises to come up with a totally new and all integrated approach towards the athlete’s height. This program tries to utilize the limited time to guarantee maximum results. Even with skeptics, the program has been working with many beginners and professionals as well.

    Also, there is an option of money back after one undergoes through the whole program and comes out without positive changes (which rarely happen). You will be refunded fully after 60 days of no progress.

    If you are in the market for a program that is quick and proven, then vert shock should suit you just fine. You will improve your dunking height and skill in just two months of training.

    How does vert shock work?

    There are many things that one athlete will improve after eight weeks. However, the program focuses on specific muscles in your body so you can get the best possible jump. The main point of focus is the fast-twitch muscle fibers known as the Type IIb muscle fibers.

    The focus is to work the muscle to reduce its reaction time to just 0.3 seconds of engagement. At this time, the leg would be ready to jump. However, this cannot be possible if the muscles in the leg are not strong enough. That is where the plyometric training comes in to boost the leg power, strength, and then, the speed is enhanced by rewiring the fast-twitch muscle to contract faster initiating a jump in record time.

    Below are the focus areas of the vert shock program:

    • Development of power, strength, and sturdiness in the lower body
    • Improving the contracting time of the muscles,  enhancing the reaction abilities
    • Optimizing the dunking technique
    • Shortening and optimizing the athletes stretching cycle
    • Optimizing the diet and body composition of the athlete
    • Developing the vertical jump technique

    Vert shock program is structured in three primary phases to customize the training. The phases are discussed below.

    Pre shock phase [week 1]

    In this phase, your body is trained to prepare you for the succeeding weeks of vertical jump training. This phase is also a pre-conditioning week.

    You are here expected to work-out on the provided exercises six days out of seven. You will get a day rest. That is usually the fourth day.

    Shock phase [week 2 – week 7]

    This shock phase highlights the purpose of the program. It lasts for six of the eight weeks, and in this period, an average of four to six exercises are trained during the week.

    Your body, especially the lower part with special focus on the limbs, is transformed to make it adaptable to the tension, aggression, speed, power, and strength of the game. So, plyometric exercises are applied with hopping and jumping specific practices exercised. The legs are learning how to respond quickly.

    Working on the reflexes of the legs gives the athlete that necessary boost in increasing their jumping height. The results would be exciting.

    Post-shock phase [week 8]

    The week generally is made to engage the individual in slow training activities. This week is all about cooling off from the intense weeks and focuses on relaxing training so it would cause fatigue.

    So, stretches, warm-ups, and little periodical squats characterize this phase.

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    Does it work?

    The program has a series of training schedules that are explained to you. Usually, it is a series of videos that go on daily for 56 days. No weight-lifting, no gym and no equipment are required.

    The videos are focused on increasing your vertical jump in your comfortable home with the free space you have. Before you jump into the program, everything is explained to you along with how you can get the PDF version of the training layout. However, you will require internet connectivity for this program.

    The following are some of the key strategies:

    Advanced plyometrics: Here, brief high-intensity activities such as squats, jumps, hops, and bounding are carried out. The idea is to minimize considerably the time one has in contact with the ground.

    Strength: The body is readied for high impact bouncing by doing exercises that are related to this.

    Power: Highly intense squat jumps are ideal for developing the much-needed strength and power in the lower body. This gives you a near boost to a higher jump.

    The exercises you do on a day are differentiated in that they are targeted to centralized parts of the body. This strategy gives your body rest on the parts that are not being worked on.

    Can you show proof?

    vert shock proof 2

    vert shock proof 3

    vert shock proof


    • The program is manageable for the user regardless of status, whether a pro or a beginner.
    • The vertical jumping training does not require any special training equipment.
    • The program is conducted, controlled, and availed through video clips.
    • There is a money-back guarantee of 60-days If Vert Shock doesn’t work for you.
    • You will get bonuses if you purchase now.

    Conclusion: Vert Shock Review

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    The vert shock is a vertical jump training program where the proponents use training and muscle activation techniques to improve the reaction of muscles towards jumping higher.

    You will improve tremendously and your muscles will use the shortest time possible for jumping higher. With practice and preparation, you will likely be able to dunk comfortably in less than 8 weeks.

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