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How to Increase your Vertical Jump for Basketball [Jump High]

Do you wanna learn how to increase your vertical jump for basketball? A vertical jump is an act of jumping upward in the air. It is not only necessary for a better basketball game but it has applications in volleyball and football for the headshot.

Through this article, you will be able to figure out your mistakes and work on them. After that, you will see an increase in your vertical jump. I will recommend a step-by-step guide to improve your jump score 8-15 inch in a couple of weeks. Keep reading to learn how.

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How Athletic are you and can you improve?

You need to be athletic so you can improve your vertical jump. You can make yourself more athletic just by practicing and knowing the science behind this.

Muscle fiber:

The muscle fiber is divided into two twitches.

  1. Fast-twitch
  2. Slow-twitch

To increase your vertical jump you need to improve the fast-twitch muscle and make it ultra-fast twitch just by practicing, and Vert Shock is perfect to help you increase up to 15 inches in jumping.

A jump has two main parts:

  1. Approach
  2. Take Off

The most important aspect is the approach when you jump. 90% of the same rules apply on 1 foot and 2 foot. Now the question is How many times you have ever practiced your approach?

It is always overlooked. Now we are going to cut out your mistakes and add up the fixes, you will see instantly gains on your vertical jump.

What are some common mistakes of the approach?

Every player makes mistakes, but the most important is to learn from them. If you want to increase your vertical jump, you need to see if you are making the following mistakes:

Mistake #1: Stutter Stepping

The stutter step is to run forward with small steps while squatting. You do not want to do this because:

  • It causes deceleration.
  • It prevents good repetition.

Every time you do the stutter steps, every time it will be difficult for you to approach. So, you have to remove the clutter steps completely.

Mistake #2: Slowing Down

A lot of players make this mistake, they take off too faster and they slow down after and they are left with zero power. You want to change your horizontal speed into vertical speed. When you go from your approach to take off you want as much speed as possible and this is called as MCV (maximum controlled velocity)

In short, you need the speed that you can handle.

Mistake #3: Leaning forward too much:

A lot of players when they are attacking, they have their chest pointed to the ground. Your momentum will be disturbed.

You should have your chest up and automatically, your head will be up too. You will have a better momentum in this case. It controls your body better. Try not to take too much forward lean. It will collapse your body. You will jump too far forward.

By observing these mistakes you will get to know where your error is.

Ways to Increase your Vertical Jump for Basketball

The following ways will boost up your vertical jump. All you have to do is practice by considering these points. You can learn how to master vertical jumping with the Vert Shock Program.

Learn how to increase your vertical jump for basketball up to 8 to 15 inches in a couple of weeks.

Body warm-up:

Warming up your body before any exercise is very important because you have to prepare your body for a workout.

The body is not always ready for any hard exercise. You can’t wake up in the morning and start spriting instantly.

Start from the light exercise and then do the complete sets. This is the very first point.


The key to jumping higher is the use of dorsiflexion. Jumping with the paw of your foot is called dorsiflexion. It is about ankle position and foot, in which toes are up. It generates more energy and power. Running and jumping with dorsiflexion help you to boost up your vertical jump.

The opposite of dorsiflexion is plantarflexion. In this, your toes are down. A lot of players tiptoes and jump and weaken their vertical jump. Change your plantarflexion into dorsiflexion in the following ways:

  • Walk with dorsiflexion
  • Run with dorsiflexion
  • Rub your foot by standing on the ground, you will observe more speed and power with dorsiflexion.
  • In the last, jump with dorsiflexion.

Use the analogy of punching someone. Do you punch with your fingertips or fist? Plantarflexion is like punching someone with your fingertips.

Increase the speed of your penultimate steps:

It works on the phenomenon that faster your penultimate, higher you jump because when you are running, the jump you are trying to take by your horizontal speed vertically as fast as possible.

Every split second you are on the ground is going to take away from energy, you can be taking vertical. In short. If you are a 1 foot or 2-foot jumper that is penultimate. Now the question arises on how to boost up our penultimate steps. Here is the simple exercise which you can do.

  • You need the cones for it, 2 or 3
  • Start jumping on the cones.
  • Lean and snapping them all.

Start slow and end fast:

It means when you are going to start running, you should first run slow and gain speed gradually.

This is because if you start running fast at the start, you will have no power left for the jump. Reserve your power for the jump because you will need that afterward. Take this point in your mind when you start the game.

Arm swing:

Your arms play a very important role in the jump. The weight of a basketball seems very large but it weighs about 8 ounces.

You have to use your arms in a way to generate some power. It uses the force-velocity relationship. You can increase the height up to 28% just by using your arms swing.

Do you want to dunk like a total badass?

If you have a goal in mind that you need to improve your vertical jump and dunk like a badass, you need to try VertShock to improve your jump up to 15 inches.

It works for everyone, even if you are under 6-feet tall, even if you are un-athletic, you can learn how to dunk with this vertical jump training.

It helped over 20,000 people to learn how to dunk and experience the best feeling in the world… Their very first dunk.

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Workouts to jump higher:

The following exercises you can do in your home. These will help you to make your jump better. You do not need to go to any gym or any other place. These are so easy and can be performed at your home.

Depth jump:

Depth jump involves stepping off a higher box, landing on the ground and then immediately explode as you reach the ground. You can perform it in the following way.

  • Stand on a higher place and jump.
  • Explode as soon as you reach the ground.

Kneeling jump:

This will help you to increase your vertical jump. You can perform it in the following ways.

  • Stand on your knees
  • Drive your hips upward
  • Jump and stand on your feet.
  • Swing up with your upper body and arms.

Hip raise:

Through this term, you will get to know about how to extend your hips up and get that triple extension when you are trying to jump off the floor. It helps your glutes and hamstring to be stronger. These are the two biggest muscles that help us to increase our vertical jump.

Stretching exercise:

You can do many stretching exercises at your home. All you have to do is to stretch your muscles and make them more flexible. You can stretch your abs, hips, shoulders, arms and all your body by doing some domestic exercises. It is the key to high jump.

Line hops:

This exercise will help you to increase your speed for a very quick response. No pieces of equipment are required and it is very simple. All you have to do is to jump two feet side by side and focus on speed. Do as fast as you can and stay in a rhythm.

  • Once you have done them side to side. The next step is to do the front to back and it has the same rules applied as described above.
  • Start doing with one leg. Build the rhythm. Side to side and front to back.

This exercise is good for your hips extension as well as an arm swing.

All-out sprints:


You want to do is get fully warmed because it is going to be very taxing on the back of your legs. Sprinting is like many jumps. Pushing yourself at 100% in a sprint will push your explosive muscles and fast-twitch. This will help you to jump higher.

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Conclusion: How to Increase your Vertical Jump for Basketball

Dedication is very important in this. Athletes that have been successful in jumping higher and improve their vertical leap, all followed the Vert Shock technique.

Hopefully, this post helped you learn how to increase your vertical jump for basketball and get better with dunking. You can now join the Vert Shock community and improve your jump up to 15 inches.

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All these exercises mentioned above can be done at home easily. If you are not suitable for them just leave them and try something else. Make your diet properly and you will achieve your goal. You will make your unique athletic trait one day!

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