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How to Jump Higher for Basketball [Best Proven Things To Do]

    How to jump higher for basketball? Do you wanna improve your dunking and vertical? In this blog post, you will find out how to successfully jump 9-15 inches in a couple of weeks.

    How to Jump Higher for Basketball

    Learn how to jump higher for basketball with this simple guide. Click To Tweet

    Let me take back you to your school days. Whenever you were watching any basketball game. Kobe Bryant or Lebron James were playing. You were observing their jumps and thinking that they had God gifted techniques. No, you were wrong at that time. They worked for it.

    Are you thinking right now that how they did? You can learn the exercises yourself. You can also learn how to jump higher for basketball just by improving your strength and speed.

    We will discuss the exercises and techniques associated with a high jump in this article. This is a 30-day workout and you can increase 9-15 inches of your jump by following this.

    Measure your jump

    To start this, first of all, measure your current jump. How to do this? Just do the following things:

    • Grab a pencil. Find any pole or wall that is higher than you.
    • Run or jump towards it and mark the sign from your hand through chalk or pencil.

    You will see a rise in that point after 30 days workout.


    Before any type of workout, you have to do a warm-up to loosen your muscles and prepare your body. Following a list of the warm-up exercises, you can do at your home.

    • Jumping rope (500-750 reps)
    • Single leg jump rope (10 sets, 10 reps each)
    • Butt kicks (100 reps)
    • Double under (50 reps)
    • Low abs and oblique crunches (5 sets, 5 reps each. 15 total reps per set)
    • Hip flexor (3 sets, 8 reps each leg)
    • Skigh groin squat (3 sets, 15 reps)
    • Good morning (3 sets, 10 reps)
    • Superset: Deadlifts (5 reps) then vert jump (3 reps) and 5 total sets.

    Remember to stretch faster. These all are easy exercises.

    Muscles involved

    The following muscles are involved to make your jump higher and better. You can stretch them by following the mentioned exercises.

    • Hamstrings (front of thighs)
    • Quadriceps (back of thighs)
    • Hip flexors (lower stomach to the top of thighs)
    • Calves (below the knee)
    • Glutes (buttocks)
    • Achilles (knee to ankle)

    All you have to do is strengthen these muscles. They are the most important muscles in making a higher jump. Stretch them and make them stronger.

    Post activation potential

    You use a group of muscles intensely over a very short time, just very intense. Those muscles adapt very quickly to that activity and will be waiting to fire again.


    Learning how to jump higher for basketball can be challenging, but with some simple exercises you can improve drastically. Exercises are very important to achieve any goal.

    There are some very easy exercises that you can perform at your home. You do not need to join any academy and gym. You just have to give your time to these at home. The following are the exercises and ways of doing them at home.

    Jump boxes

    All you need is three different sized boxes that are easily available. You have to jump from lower to medium and then to higher. When you touch the ground, you have to hop and explode right off it as quickly as you can.

    Then grab two ten pounds weight. If you are not comfortable with them, you can bring it down of course. Get yourself a medium to high boxes, you want to explode on. Jump on these boxes with these weights.

    Next, you have to jump high as you can, leave weights down and try to jump on the highest box.

    • You have to do 10-15 reps and 3 sets of this.


    For this drill, you have to sit on a box, chair or bench. You may feel fatigued or pain but do not worry it is a part of the game.

    • Sit on a chair.
    • Tight your core and jump.
    • Explode with your whole body.
    • Do it with your dorsiflexion and push yourself like you have to crack the ground.
    • Do 3 by 8 on both legs.
    • Switch your legs and do it again.


    deadlift barbell

    In the deadlift, you should use easy weight. Because it can cause very serious injuries. You can do deadlift in the following way.

    • Stand under the barbell.
    • Bend and grab the bar with your shoulder length.
    • Straighten your back.
    • Stand up with the weight then.

    These are the basic exercises which help you to extend your body’s muscles and make your muscles strong. As they help you for making a higher jump in basketball.

    Pure athlete principles of jumping techniques:

    Now coming towards the techniques which are being used by many experts and players. Exercise is of no use if the techniques are wrong. You must be making many mistakes in your game. Following points will help you to make your jump better by improving your techniques:

    Get lower

    The lower you are, the more time you can spend a fighting force into the ground and the higher you will jump. If you cannot get that lower, there are two exercises you can perform.

    Couch stretch

    It trains to extend your hip muscles.

    • In this, you have to fold one leg back against the wall while sitting.
    • Hold this position for two minutes.
    • Stretch your ankles/Achilles.
    • Sit with one leg backward and other along the wall, six inches from the ground.
    • You have to do this 2 minutes with each leg.

    Penultimate steps

    The goal of penultimate steps is to lower your body to put you in a good position to jump. It is the last step that you take before your take off. It acts as a springboard. It converts all your speed into your upward motion.

    When you push your leg, for example, if you are pushing your right leg, your left leg should be fully extended.

    It should be longer than your other slides, but it should be still accelerating.


    The most asked question is how fast should you go? You have to push yourself to go jump higher and go faster. If you are going slowly, your momentum will be of no use.

    You should have more momentum, you have going forward. In this way, you can translate this momentum into an upward force and you jump higher.

    Upright torso

    You have one speed to penultimate. You get lower in the penultimate, but you have to keep that torso tall. Why you have to keep it tall? Because you have speed and your arm swing. So if you dip too much, you will not be able to translate. This are the mistakes everyone is doing and not getting a high jump.

    So what you have to do then? You should lower your body but keep your chin and chest high. if you keep your chest lower, then you will go the direction your chest is going and that is towards the ground. You will not get any upward force.

    Arm swings

    Arm swings can add inches to your jump. There are two types of arm swings.

    1. Circular arm swings (left and right)
    2. Pendulum arm swings.

    How to use your arms in getting a high jump? Use your arms in a way to generate some power. It aids you in getting a jump. Do not lose them. Move them in such a streamline way, so they experience less resistance and deliver more power.

    The plant

    In planting, the following points should be considered:

    • Your feet should be equal. So, both get equal energy.
    • You should have a load on your hips.
    • Do not slow down while taking off.
    • You need to optimize that plant.
    • Once you plant, get off the ground as fast as possible.
    • It should be a long smooth step.

    The target

    The target is something to go up and touch. Whether it is the backboard, the top cushion. Whether it is hitting your head on the rim. Whether it is a ball you are going for or a vertex that target helps you to understand that you have to keep your body in the right position. Your target should be upright.

    It uses all the above-mentioned techniques. You can say it is a collection of all the techniques. It will help your torso to be super high and you will plant quickly.

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    Conclusion: How to jump higher for basketball

    Learn how to jump higher for basketball with this simple guide. Click To Tweet

    Hopefully, this blog post on how to train to jump higher for basketball gives you some ideas on how you can improve your jumping and get better.

    Now, it is time to improve your jump. For sure you will get a huge improvement in your jump. Just focus on the techniques and do the exercises properly. You can do everything with a keen determination.

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