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How to Jump Higher for Dunking [Unlock Your Big Potential]

    Do you wanna learn how to jump higher for dunking? When you think about any sports, the first thing that comes in your mind is about the ‘special and unique character’.

    What if you do not have any? This is not a problem because you can make one by practice and a few extra moves.

    How to jump higher for dunking pin

    What is dunking?

    Dunking is a technique that is used in basketball. When you attack the ring and throw a ball into the ring. If you know how to jump higher for dunking it will make your game much better. The highest number of goals is by the players who have a high jump in dunking. This basketball game is all about how you dunk. You are called a pro player if you have a high jump for a dunk.

    There are many techniques and exercises which will help you learn how to jump higher for dunking and being better than others.


    The following exercises are very important to develop this ability. At the end of this post, you will see a method that already helped over 20,000 people that improved their vertical jump up to 15 inches, so keep reading.



    Your hamstrings and glutes should be flexible. The more flexible your body will be, the higher you will jump. Your muscles and bones require space and strength to handle the jump. For stretching, you can do many exercises like:

    • Yoga.
    • Legs and arms pulling.

    Work on your vertical jump:

    Your legs should be able to do a high vertical jump to reach the basket easily. Building your muscles in a way that they become flexible to reach a higher point is very important. You have to do exercises to build this jump. Following exercises can help you:

    • Squats
    • Calf raises
    • Leg lunges
    • Walls sits
    • Plyometric jumps.

    Start running the stairs:

    stair running

    Running down and up the stairs will better develop your calf, legs, and hip region. It is free of cost as you can do it in your home, school, or anywhere you find the stairs.

    Make your jump better:

    When you go to a basketball court, start running from a faraway distance from the basket, and test your jump without holding a ball. Make your jump better in a way that you take no time to reach it. Try to balance yourself without any aid. Make a plan that you have to get the basket and reach it with your full potential.


    The techniques are very important in any game. Without it, you cannot move forward. Exercise is of no use if you do not develop any technique because you have to consider every angle very important. The following are the techniques that will help you to jump higher for a dunk.

    Dorsiflexion, not plantarflexion:

    Start running and jumping with your whole paw and not with your toes. You will get some extra superpower when you jump with your paw of the foot. It uses all your foot. This will also help you to make your body super straight and balance to dunk.

    The ball:

    When you practice at the start, you should do with the tennis ball or a lighter ball that you easily can handle. No one can start dunking with the basketball because it is a larger one and difficult to grip. Grip the ball, run, aim at the ring, jump and smash it!

    Choose your jump:

    There are two types of jumping. One is the single foot jump and the other one is the double foot jump. First of all, make yourself clear what suits you the best. If you are comfortable with the single foot jump, then use this otherwise you can also go for a double foot jumping.

    In a single foot jumping, you use your one hand to put the ball into the basket and for double foot jumping, you use your both hands to dunk the ball.

    Chin up and balance down:

    When you are running and moving forward to dunk, your chin should be upward. If you do not follow this rule, there will be high chances that you will fall. Chin and head up will help you to balance yourself in jump as well as when you are running.

    Speed up yourself. You should also know how to balance yourself after dunking. Do not fall. The key behind this is to put your head and chin pointed upward.

    Invest in your game:

    In this modern world, every game requires specific things to move forward. For dunking, you should have a good pair of shoes. Most of the players use some special shoes for dunking.

    Another thing you can invest in a Virtual Jumping program. It helped over 20,000 people already to increase their jump from 8-15 inches in a couple of weeks.

    You can check the Vert Shock Program here.

    Here are testimonials from people that already dunk super-high:

    vert shock proof

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    You can check the Vert Shock program and improve your dunking drastically, click here to get a huge discount.

    Special dunks:

    When you feel that you are now able to dunk in a normal way, then think about developing some extra and pro features in your game and ability. These will impress your viewers too.

    Start practicing two-handed slam. This required more force than a simple dunk. You need a high vertical jump for this so start practicing from now. It will be added as an addition to your skills.

    These are some unique and special techniques used by the world champions of basketball.

    Conclusion: How to jump higher for dunking

    Basketball is the game of potential. If you want your name carved on the world history makers of basketball then you have to follow these all rules. You should stay motivated and encouraged towards the goals. Do not feel yourself less as compared to anyone else.

    Hopefully, this post gives you some time on how to jump higher for dunking, and try joining the vertical jump program that has already over 20,000 people in it. Click here to check it out.

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