How to High Jump [The Best Way To Learn]

    Do you wanna learn how to high jump in basketball? The high jump is an athlete’s special and unique character which makes him different and superior to others. It has many applications in many games and also it is the test for fitness.

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    If you are playing basketball, you should have a high jump to smash the ball in the bucket. If you are playing football, then you should have a high jump to do smash the ball in the goal. If you are playing cricket, you have to do a high jump to save the boundary or to catch the ball.

    But the problem is, many people do not know how to high jump. If you wanna jump high, In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know, plus you can get a taste of that whole new level in high jumping.

    I will show you all the drills, techniques, and ways to jump high and improve your jump with the passing time.

    How to be a high jumper?

    If you want to be a high jumper, you have to make your body up to the mark. Your every muscle should be stretched and your legs and arms should have that power to push you up. You have to work on everything like on your glutes, hamstrings, calf, biceps, and triceps.

    You have to sync your body with the changes you are making and you have to prepare your body to absorb all the changes. This is your mind practice.

    Today, I will show you all the way and you just have to focus on them, practice them all and you will be able to jump higher in just a few weeks. If you live in any remote area, then you can also do these all exercises at your home. To jump high, you have to work on the following things:

    Conditioning training:

    jumping higher

    It is the type of training in which you have to prepare and make up your body to jump higher and you have to break all the physical barriers.

    You can say it is the warm-up training for your mind as well as body. In this, you have to clear your view to jump higher. You have to give power to yourself so that you can jump higher.

    You can do the following drill for the conditioning training:

    • Jogging and walking.
    • Plyometric training.
    • Strengthening exercises.
    • Explosive exercises.


    The next step is the repetition. Repetition of what? The answer is everything that you are doing. You have to repeat and make your body so that it becomes second nature to you.

    You have to get over every phase without even thinking about it. If you are not feeling right, you have to think that you can jump to a certain height.

    You have to prepare and make your biomechanics work in that way and you can do this through the repetitions. If you tell your body that you have to jump high, then it will work for it.

    Perfecting the run-up:

    Now you have to make your run-up perfect. Everyone ignores the run-up but it is very important because if you have a good run up then you can take off perfectly. Run up is very important to give all the power and strength of the athlete when he is going to jump.

    There are many phases of the run-up and you have to work on all of them. You have to make your approach straight, focused, and perfect by doing practice.

    The last 3 to 5 steps are very important because they convert your horizontal speed on the ground into the vertical speed in the air.

    You should have a perfect curve so that you have a solid grip on the ground. You have to learn how to control your speed because it will help you to stop and shift your direction without losing your balance.

    Improving technique:

    Now you are ready to work on your technique. This will cause two factors:

    • You will increase your jump.
    • There will be no chance of any injury.

    When you are going to jump, in the initial phase, it should be similar to the Romanian deadlift. There is a difference in arm position and the rest of the applications used are the same.

    You should have the following body position to improve your technique:

    • Your body weight is on your toes and your ankles and knees are slightly bent outward to give yourself a push. Your chest is outside and your arms are stretched. Doing this all, you can generate your maximum power.

    It will help you to land properly which will save you from having any kind of injury. Improving your technique can cause 5 to 10 inches to increase in your jump in no time.

    You can do the following drills to improve your technique and make yourself balance on the ground before and after the jump.

    To get better results, do these all drills in front of the mirror. In this way, you will get a better hold on yourself.

    Working on your explosiveness:

    The next thing you can do to make your jump better is through working on your explosiveness. It means how much you are ready for the jump. It is the start of the jump if it is good, then your jump will be best. You can make it perfect by doing the following drills at your home:

    • Hurdle jumps.
    • Vertical jumps.
    • Three-step vertical jumps.

    Your explosiveness depends on these three factors:

    • You have to improve your static vertical jump.
    • You have to improve your vertical jump with your running speed.
    • Changing your ground speed into vertical speed for jump.

    It should be noted that the more pro you are at transferring your horizontal velocity into vertical jump velocity, the better your jump will be.

    What should be the exercises to jump higher?

    As I mentioned before, you have to work on everything to get a high jump. So, here are some exercises which are needed to make yourself able for a high jump:

    Strength exercise:

    It is not for being sexy, but it is for the high jump. When you are strong, you have the greater force to apply and according to this equation:

    Power equals to force multiplied by velocity

    You will have more power and velocity. These two things are a must for the high jump. So you have to be strong enough if you are willing for a high jump.

    For this, you can perform the following exercises and drills.

    • Squats
    • Deadlift
    • Left and right lunges.

    You have to perform these on separate days and this is easier for you.

    Lose your body’s mass:

    If you want to jump higher, you have to lose your body’s weight because you will not be able to jump when you are carrying a large weight.

    Let me give you an example. Imagine yourself jumping with carrying kilograms and imagine yourself carrying now weight. Which one will be easy for you? The lighter one.

    So if you want to jump, you have to lose all the extra fats that are in your body because these are the hurdles and barriers in your jump.

    For this, you have to improve your diet and you are doing exercise as well. So your diet should be based on the following data:

    • 40% of calories should be carbohydrates in your diet.
    • 30% of calories should be the proteins in your diet.
    • 30% of calories should be fats in your diet.

    Other things like minerals, vitamins, and other essential elements should be taken in adequate amounts.

    Stretching your body:


    The key factor in a high jump is to stretch your body to the best. You have to work on your glutes and hips. The more stretch your body is, the higher your jump will be.

    You can see the top athletes and jumpers in the world, they all have stretched and flexible body. You have to jump and it uses all your bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles.

    Take an example of a spring, when you press and release it. It will jump so high as compared to any hard object that has zero flexibility.

    You can do the following exercises once a week to make your body flexible:

    • Cat stretch
    • Side release and stretch
    • Lower back mobilizer

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    Conclusion: How to High Jump

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    You have read all the things. Now, grab a pen and a paper and note down. Make a schedule and add these all things in your exercising routine. Also, you have to get to know that this is a gradual process.

    So, you should not deal with your body in a hurry. Your body has to be prepared. Mark your height before and after these things. You will see a remarkable increase in your height every month.

    Just stay focused because there is nothing to distract you. You can build yourself the way you want to and you can mold your body as the way you want to. It is just you who can do this. So start right now!

    Hopefully, you enjoyed this post on how to high jump, if you liked it, please share it on your favorite social media down below. If you wanna check out Vert Shock review, click here.

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