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Learn How to DUNK Like a PRO [The Best Guide To Jump Higher]

    This is by far the most extensive guide on how to dunk in basketball. The game of basketball is all dependable on dunking. It is called as an athlete’s special and unique character. You usually look at others and see how perfectly they dunk, have you ever want to dunk like them?

    This is very possible even if you are a bit shorter and also you can achieve all these things and characteristics by working hard on your dunking and knowing all the techniques.

    How to dunk pin

    This guide on how to dunk will show you all the important techniques which everyone lacks. You have to follow this article because it will show you some exercises, what should you do and what you should not do while dunking.

    At the end of the day, you will be able to focus on your dunking. You just need a month or less for this. We will work on two things:

    • How to make your dunking well by increasing vertical jump?
    • What techniques should you consider in your dunking?

    I will discuss and show you the answers to these two questions in detail. When you get to know the proper answers to these two questions, you will be ready to smash the ball in the basket. You will be unique from all other players.

    Dunking and vertical jump

    These two have a great and deep relationship between them. If you have a high vertical jump then you will have a good dunk. To increase your vertical jump, you have to follow these points:



    The first thing that you have to consider is running by your dorsiflexion. It means running with your paw of the foot. It gives you full strength and power so you can jump higher and balance yourself when you are in the air.

    If you want to practice this, you just have to run short sprints or long-running on your paws, not on your toes.

    Arm swings

    You have to use your arms in a way that you get maximum strength and use that strength in your jump. You have to swing them and do not make them straight.

    For practice, grab a basketball in your hands, run and try to dunk while using and moving your arms.

    A better takeoff

    Have you ever seen a plane taking off from the road into the air? You just have to act in the same way. Your body should be in a streamline position, so you experience the least friction and resistance. The position of your chest and head should be upright. If you point them down, you will also get down and there will be chances for you to fall.

    If you want to practice this, you can start running and jumping with your head and chest erect, and pointed upward.

    Penultimate steps

    The last steps you take are called penultimate steps. You have to take these steps as fast as you can. You have to convert all your horizontal running energy into a vertical jump. Your dunking depends on these last two or three steps. You will be the king of the dunk if your balance and make yourself fast in your penultimate steps.

    If you want to take it into your practice, then start running and try to suddenly stop yourself. It will also improve your grip on the ground.

    What techniques are important for you?

    The next question is about the techniques which are very important if you want to dunk. Dunking is based on some special techniques and tricks and it is not related to raw athleticism. The following points will help you to get to know about some basic things that you are missing in your game.

    One foot dunker

    The first technique is related to one-foot dunkers. One foot dunk is the type of dunk in which a person takes one last step as a penultimate step, jump and attack the basket.

    In this, the players have a better center of gravity and they can balance themselves easily. The players can have a better takeoff and they can easily convert their horizontal speed into vertical speed for the dunk. Yet, this type of dunking has many pros and cons as well.

    Strength of one-foot dunk:

    • It is very easy to jump in this way because they lift their body easily.
    • There are not any blocks which the players have to experience in the one-foot dunk.
    • This pattern is similar to lay-ups and they can practice it in their exercises.

    The weakness of one-foot dunk:

    • As it uses only one arm, so many players cannot handle the ball and they do not have an arm swing.
    • If you are bulky and you are a one-foot dunker, then it can affect your knees because of all of your weight on just a single leg.

    Two-foot dunker

    This technique is relatively tough because it uses more power and strength of a person. In this type of dunking, you have to jump with your both feet, pushing your body upward after your final penultimate steps.

    If you want to build this technique, all you have to do is squats. In a two-foot dunk, you bend your knees and jump with the pressure of both legs. This takes time to take off as you have to transfer some energy into your height jump.

    Strength of two-foot dunk

    • You do not have to run a lot to do this, you can even do this by standing still.
    • It is more powerful and strong, so you will experience a better ground grip if you do this.
    • It does not put any pressure on your legs and knees and it becomes easy for them to bend and provide force.

    The weakness of two-foot dunk:

    • It requires more time to convert the energy which can affect your game.
    • There are many chances of blockage if you are doing this.
    • It is very tough to do in the game because you have no time to do that and also the one-foot dunk is needed in many places.

    Strength training

    Some of the basketball players are born with some special lean muscles and abilities to jump and dunk higher. You are really lucky if you are one of them. Others have to work on themselves to make their lean muscles and body strong because dunking is not about jumping.

    It consists of dodging, running, quickness, strength, stamina, and power. You have to build all these characteristics in you. For this, you can do the following exercises.

    • Squads
    • Bench presses
    • Barbell rows
    • Military presses
    • Plyometric jumps

    You have to practice each of them because all you focus on dunking, and you forget about all the steps that lead to a better dunk.



    Stretching is very important in dunking. It follows a simple rule that the more stretch your body is, the better your dunk will be. To stretch your body, you just have to do the following things:

    You have to stretch your quads before a game so for that purpose, do it for about 10 to 15 seconds. Sit in a position on your feet and your knees should be bent enough. You can also give support to yourself by your hands on the ground.

    After that, stretch your arms and leg poles a little bit. Go back again to the quad position and make sure you get a wide base.

    Do a couple of calf stretches because legs are very important because you are going to push all your body. Run at some pace to lose your leg muscles.

    What are alley-oops?

    It is a technique in which one player throws the ball in the air and another player, catch the ball and throw it into the basket, while remaining in the air. It uses the best momentum of arm swing.

    This term is related to teamwork and a good pass. You have to maintain proper timing for an alley-oops and it will be 100% perfect.

    Pros of alley-oops:

    • While the jump is not the most important in this technique, all you have to know is how to grab a ball in the air.
    • You can swing your arms to gain maximum momentum and height.

    Cons of alley-oops:

    • It needs a good passer because if the pass is not good enough, you will not be able to get the ball.

    Which one is better? One foot or two feet?

    If you want to dunk, then you have to select what suits you the best. You can select by doing practice with both one foot and two-foot dunk.

    In this comparison, you have to note down a lot of things that are related to height, strength, weight, age, and body type. So, I will show you a complete detail which will make it easy for you to select your style of dunking.

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    The weight factor is very important because there are two types of players. The first one is the lean one and the other one is bulky. If you are bulky then two-foot dunk is best because you have muscles and mass of the body which your legs have to bear. Your single leg will face problems if you do so.

    On the other hand, if you are a lean athlete, then a one-foot dunk is best for you. You will get enough push and energy from your knee and leg that will allow you to dunk.


    As compared to one-foot dunkers, two-foot dunkers spend a lot of time on the ground to build their strength and power to push themselves in the air.

    One foot dunkers need stretching and flexibility in their body because they spend less time in the air for nearly about 0.20 seconds. If you have a strong muscular body, then two feet is best for you.


    As single foot dunking requires flexibility and stretch which comes from the flexibility of the tendons and muscles. This factor of flexibility decreases with age.

    For a player of old age, two-foot dunking is best and young players that are below 30, can do single foot dunking because their muscles and tendons have enough flexibility which can easily drive them in the air.

    Considering these points will help you to improve your dunk and reduce the chances of any injury.

    Practice makes a man perfect

    If you want to achieve your goals and if you want to work on your dunking abilities, then you have to practice. You have to make your muscles strong and flexible. You can do various exercises for that.

    Dunking a basketball is not only to throw the ball into the basket, but you also have to work on your speed, approach, energy, and every step. You should know how to travel a ball.

    If you are pro at jump, but you can’t apply the techniques and mechanics, then just start from scratch. If you feel comfortable throwing ball with both hands, then you have to learn to throw a ball with your single hand in the very beginning.

    Start with the lower baskets and increase the height every week. You will see a remarkable difference in your dunk and jump. Keep yourself and your body under control when you are going to push yourself to the higher levels. Make a plan of 6-8 weeks and practice every technique and every point that is mentioned above.

    Conclusion: How to DUNK for Basketball

    By far the best guide to learning how to Dunk in basketball like a PRO! Click To Tweet

    Have to ever seen any athlete running and dunking like a bullet and you want to attain all those characteristics which he has? You can achieve them by working hard.

    If you have made any aim in your mind, you just need the proper guidelines and boom! You are the superhero and an athlete with some superpowers. You have to push yourself up if you want great applause from the public. This is so easy and it only wants your hard work and consistency. Just stay focused and do justice with yourself.

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