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Does Vert Shock Work? Can You Jump Higher After 8 Weeks?

    Does vert shock work? How much you improve your vertical leap in 8 weeks? Find out everything you need to know about the Vert Shock program that already helped over 20,000 people.

    I know that you play basketball a lot and it is your hobby too. But, are you worried about your vertical jump and dunking abilities? Do you want to make your jump high and dunk better? Are you willing to do some high vertical jump program but you are confused that which program you have to choose?

    Do not worry. If you have these questions in your mind, then I am here to show you the best program and I have personally experienced it.

    So, if you are thinking that the vert shock program works or not? Yes, it works and it is the best program and exercise I have ever come across. It has mainly three stages of the workout and it consists of 8 weeks.

    After 8 weeks, you will be able to note your jump and dunk. It would have a remarkable difference as compared to your old height. It doesn’t matter if you are tall or short, you will be able to enjoy and develop the high vertical jump through this program.

    Does it work or not?

    You have heard of the ”elastic fibers” in your body that helps your muscles and bones to show some flexibility. It helps and turns your legs into a rubber band and you can generate as much potential you want to generate with the help of your legs. It is very simple that when you make your legs bend, the tension builds up in your legs and after making your legs straight, it releases all the tension.

    So, the best and only way to improve and build your vertical jump as high as possible is through working on your elastic fibers and making them strong enough. It follows the simple rule that the strong your elastic fibers are, the high your vertical jump will be.

    I have seen many YouTube gurus stating all the misconceptions and wrong information to increase the vertical jump. The ways they are telling are full of injuries and they all are useless. This can only be done with the help of some special exercises that are present in the vert shock program.

    Do you know how Russia took over all the Olympic high jump medals? Because they started working on the vertical shock that was present by Dr. Verkhoshansky. After that, the consecutive medals belonged to Russia. So, this vert shock always works and works in the best place.

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    Phases of vert shock program

    The total time of the vert shock program is 8 weeks but it is divided into 3 phases. The following are the 3 main phases of this program:

    Pre-shock program:

    This is the time of preparing your body for the workout. This week, you have to work 6 days out of 7 days because it is the first week. You can take rest on the 4 days. It will give your body the shock to get all the essential things for the next weeks and also make your body ready to do hard exercises ahead.

    Shock phase:

    It is the main phase of the vert shock because it has all the essential workouts and main exercises that you need to improve your vertical jump. It ranges from 2 to 7 weeks. This week, you will be able to note down an increase in your jump.

    All you have to do a 4 to 6 days work out a week. In this workout, you have to do some exercises like strength exercises for the legs and core, practice some jumping specific movements and in the last some plyometric exercises.

    Post-shock phase:

    This is the last week of the vert shock and in this, you have to do some typical workout. It is the 8 week of the program. You have to do 6 days of intense exercise with a day of rest.

    It is because, after the 7 weeks of workouts, you will feel your body a little stiff. So, the workout and warm-ups like these are very important.

    Which exercises are included in vert shock?

    If you are thinking that you will not be able to perform these exercises in your home, then you must have another though coming because these all are very easy and these do not require any weight lifting techniques or workouts. All you have to do is to exercise with a basketball or your bodyweight.

    The total amount of workouts is 41 in 56 days. The program has the following main goals and you will be able to achieve these all:

    Advanced plyometric: You will be able to do some advanced plyometric. It has an intense jumping exercise with sudden contact with the ground.

    Core strength: If you want to jump high, then your core must be strong and it should have the strength to deal with the high jump. So, this program has some planks and different core exercises to prepare your body.

    Power: All the power that you need for your high jump comes from your lower body and for this, you have to do some deep squat jumps. This program has all the important exercises that are important to strengthen your lower body so that it will be able to give you’re a push for the high jump.

    You have enough rest between two workouts. For instance, you will not be forced to do two hard exercises on consecutive days.

    Results of the vert shock:

    Now coming to the main part of the article that even the vert shock works or not? I am going to show you all the results you can get with each phase and its effect on your jump and dunk.

    The pre-shock phase (First week):

    It will be the hardest week for you because you have to make yourself ready for the exercises and you have to move your body out of your comfort zone. You will be able to find fun in your first week because you are doing something productive rather than sitting on a sofa from 9 to 5.

    You can do the exercises like depth jumps, sprints, and box jumps, etc, on the small benches in your park. You can use small hills for your sprints. Total one-day work out will be of 30 minutes in which you will do some warm-ups and cool down workouts.

    Second week:

    In the second week, you will be able to notice your jumping that it has been increasing. For this, just go to your basketball ground and start dunking. You can see 3 to 4 inches increase in your jump in just two weeks.

    Fourth week:

    The second and third weeks will be of some intense workout. When you go to the court after your fourth week, you will be able to notice the power and push in your legs and you will be able to warm up more easily and give a perfect push to your body.

    After making some attempts, finally, you will be able to reach the ring. You will be able to increase your vertical jump by 4 to 5 inches, with the help of this program in the fourth week.

    Week 6 results:

    You have to work out until week 5 as you as doing. This sixth week will give you many inches in your vertical jump and you will be able to dunk with your both hands. Yes, it is the biggest achievement. You will be able to dunk with two hands, 360 degrees, windmills, and between the legs.

    Now, you are near to win your first dunking championship. At this point, your legs will feel the pressure so it will be better for you to take some rest for a day or two before going into the seventh week.

    The final push and final week:

    This week will make your hamstrings tight and you will be able to give a push and dunk very easily. After your eight weeks, you will be able to notice and measure your vertical jumping height from 37 to 40 inches. This is possible and these are the results.

    It is not only important for your jump but also your explosiveness and quickness. These little things also matter a lot to dunk. After getting these results, you will be able to get compliments and applause of the audience and your teammates.

    Vert Shock Discount & Testimonials

    Vert Shock will increase your jumping skills to a whole new level, it has already helped over 20,000 people, and you jump higher around 8-15 inches in just 8 weeks.

    Even if the athleticism is not on your side, you can still follow the guide and improve your jumping to a whole new level.

    Justin “Jus Fly” Darlington used this method to win the first major trophy winner at Nike World Dunk Contest, and here he is with LeBron James and Anthony Davis.


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    Here are some testimonials of the members in the Vert Shock program:

    vert shock proof

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    vert shock review

    Conclusion: Does Vert Shock Work?

    These results are experienced and authentic. So, all you need to do is to stay calm and focused. These 8 weeks will give you all the things that you need from the vert shock and yourself.

    After that, you have to set a goal and maintain your jump, just by doing some workouts daily. Also, you will be able to improve all the other parts of your game like penetration, defense, rebounding.

    Does Vert Shock work? Yes, it does. This vert shock is best for the players who do not have any access to a gym or any fitness center. This can be done with some equipment like a medicine ball or basketball.

    You have read all the things and now you can start working on your dunking with the help of vert shock. So, start working now!

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