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How to Become Vegan to Lose Weight [Body Weight Loss Guide]

    How to become Vegan to lose weight and be comfortable in your own skin at all times? If you are fat and bulky and looking at how to lose weight and attain a perfect body shape and weight than you are in the right place. As obesity leads to many diseases like heart disease and stroke, diabetes, breathing problems, kidney, and metabolic disorders.

    Among them, you don’t like your appearance as well, you can’t find proper clothes, every clothes you had is now small, so what is the solution? The solution to this problem is a vegan diet.

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    What is a vegan diet?

    It is the type of diet that contains all the food materials which are based on the plant and plant’s products. Through an American survey, there are two types of food, high density, and low-density food.

    The processed and animal-based food is called as high calories or high-density food. Where the low calorie and low-density food is plant-based food. It is best if you are looking for weight loss.

    How to be a vegan?

    To be a vegan, you have to think about all the positive aspects of plants and plant-based food. You are going to be eating a variety of foods that are delicious and nutritious as well and to help you with your weight loss.

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    Plant-Based oils

    This means that you should not add any oil in your food because it has high levels of saturated fat which can cause many problems. It has been shown that a total plate of 7 vegetables and 4 tablespoon of oil has equal calories that are 480 calories.

    There are many plant-based types of oils are olive oil, sunflower oil, and vegetable oil. They do not contain any amount of cholesterol and do not have any side effects on your body.

    A plate full of fiber

    To lose weight, you have to eat as much fiber as you can. Fiber helps you to feel full. It occupies all your stomach and you do not feel hungry any more. It is also very easily digestible.

    You can get fiber from oatmeal, vegetables, legumes, and grains. It reduces your cravings for junk food.


    Plant-Based Junk Food

    vegan burger

    Eating vegan food all the time makes you feel bored with that. For this, you have to find the junk food corners and places around you.

    If you cannot find any, you make vegan meats, burgers, sticks, and sugar-free cakes at your home. Many famous companies are shifting their products from the animal-based to plant-based food.

    Low carbs and high proteins

    Eating a diet with low carbohydrates and a high level of proteins in them is very essential for you to lose weight. We cannot ignore the importance of carbohydrates as it is the primary fuel of our body. But, taking more proteins will make it easy to digest the carbohydrates.

    Calculate your daily intake of proteins and carbohydrates and balance it according to your food. For women, daily protein intake should be around 244 grams and for men, it should be around 288 grams per day.

    Take healthy calories


    Taking healthy calories is very important. There is a difference between healthy calories in plant-based food and unhealthy calories.

    Getting adequate amounts of healthy fat, a low amount of carbohydrates and enough amount of proteins are healthy calories. They are very easily broken down in the body and converted into the energy we use.

    Unhealthy calories are generally those which have more amount of bad fat, very high carbohydrates, and a comparatively low amount of proteins.

    Meal Planning

    meal plan

    It means that you have to make proper time for getting your meals and avoid taking meals on any random timings. If you have exercised, try to eat something healthy within 45 minutes because it will help your muscles to repair.

    There should be a couple of hours gap between your 3 meals a day. You should not eat 2 hours before you are going to bed. This will make your belly large and full of unburnt and undigested food.

    Do not leave whole grains

    Some of you do not eat whole grains thinking of them as unhealthy. But these have many benefits as they are the source of vitamin B. There is a difference between the food containing whole grains and refined grains.

    Whole grains are the healthy carbohydrates that are required by the body to fulfill its body’s energy requirements.

    Avoid eating refined grains such as white rice and white pasta and go for whole grain brown rice and whole-grain pasta because they encourage weight loss.


    Fill your plate with healthy vegetables like spinach, potatoes, and cabbage, etc. These have a high level of fiber in them. It is recommended to fill your half plate with the vegetables along with anything you want, but it should be healthy.

    In the green vegetables, there is a component called thylakoid which helps in the reduction of cravings for useless junk food.

    The fat in the oil covers your body organs and stops them to work properly.

    Don’t drink calories, eat them

    This rule is valid if you want to lose weight. You have to focus on eating the calories.

    For example, you go to the market and buy fruit juices. These will have high sugar contents and all your efforts of eating a vegan diet to lose weight will be wasted. Drinking only water is perfect. Do not ever go for any soda.


    Last but not the least, exercise is very important for weight loss. If you don’t exercise, start today with some physical activity. The food you eat all day and the energy you are getting should be used.

    If you cannot go to a gym, do exercises at your home. You can also do this while doing your domestic or work by walking and moving your body more.

    Make your routine to use stairs instead of the elevator, walking instead of driving. These little things will help you to lose weight.

    Vegan Recipes

    Do you struggle to cook healthy food? Now you can get 150+ Vegan recipes made for you. No need to spend all day researching the next recipe.

    You will get:

    • Super simple, easy to cook tasty recipes
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    vegan recipes

    Conclusion: How to Become Vegan to Lose Weight

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    A vegan diet is the best diet to lose weight. You can go to your dietician and ask about your diet plan if you are not able to make one for yourself. Remember to take some supplements like vitamin D, vitamin B12, and omega. These are also present in the food you eat.

    It is very hard to hold a large belly all the time. Getting a good body shape is not any luxury but it is the necessity nowadays.

    Otherwise, you will be locked down in many problems. Do not create any problem and start working now to get rid of them in the future. Challenge yourself and mark these points. Motivation and determination lead to success and achieving your goals.

    Hopefully, this post on how to become vegan to lose weight was helpful to you, don’t forget to grab the recipes to make your life easier.

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