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Can you Lose Weight on a Plant-Based Diet [Secrets Revealed]

    Can you Lose Weight on a Plant-Based Diet? One of the most asked questions when it comes to losing weight. Losing your body weight is now the necessity. Doing nothing all day and not working out and watching your diet, can later in life cost you a lot.

    You have to focus on yourself and your health. You will be looking for many ways to lose weight and get a perfect body shape. You have to prevent yourself from getting many diseases and disorders.

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    First of all, let us know what is a plant-based diet? It is the type of food and diet that is healthy than any other type of food and mainly produced from the:

    • Vegetables
    • Fruits
    • Grains
    • Fibers
    • Legumes
    • Tubers
    • Seeds and nuts.

    These all the above-mentioned things are called a vegan diet and they have many benefits. They have a strong impact on your body. You can simply apply these in your life for a better and healthy lifestyle.

    According to scientific research of about 18 weeks, the vegan eaters did lose 4 pounds more weight than the people who were allowed to eat animal-based food.

    It is a healthy diet, but, also can you lose weight on a plant-based diet? The answer is yes, you can.

    How it helps you to lose weight?

    Following are the evidences of a plant-based diet in which it helps you to lose your weight:

    Role of fibers:

    The fibers are the biological molecules and they are present in larger amounts in plants. They help you to complete your appetite with no weight gain. They satisfy your hunger and you eat less as compared to any animal food.

    • Apple bananas, raspberries, and other fruits have 3 to 4 grams of fibers. This range is very good for your health.

    Carbohydrates and proteins:

    Carbohydrates are in larger quantities in plants. They are the source of energy in the body as they breakdown. They are stored in the form of glycogen and glucose and are easily available to the muscles and other organs for proper functioning. They are digested as soon as they come into the body. In this way, carb-foods are helpful in weight loss.

    • Sweet potatoes, beetroots, grapes, and oranges are rich sources of carbohydrates.

    Whereas, when you shift your diet from the fats to the protein, you lose weight. How? Proteins suppress the hunger hormone and trigger many satiety hormones. You will then eat fewer calories automatically. You should aim between 1.6 to 2.2 grams of proteins a day to lose weight. Proteins also make the water loss from your body.

    • Cauliflower, maze, corn, and avocados have a high value of proteins in them

    A plant-based diet should be a balance between carbohydrates and proteins.

    If you are interested more in plant-based recipes, click here.

     The more water intake:

    When you eat a plant-based diet, you automatically are taking more water because vegetables and fruits are the rich sources of water. Let me give you some example:

    • 90% or more water is present in green vegetables.
    • 80% of the water is present in the fresh fruits.
    • 70% or more water is present in the cooked grains.

    On the other hand, animal-based food has the following water contents:

    • Cooking fats has 0% of water.
    • Potato chips have only 2% water.

    In this type of food, you eat more solid things that increase your weight and you feel hungry as well.

    Water is the most important for the body. All the biochemical reactions of the body occur in the presence of water so it gives a smooth environment to everything that has to be digested. Plant’s food is more fulfilling and you do not get that level of hunger.

    Low calories in your food:

    A plant-based diet has low calories as compared to an animal-based diet. They are easy to burn in the human body. Scientific research has shown that those people who eat plant-based food are likely to live longer and healthy life and they lose their weight 2 times faster than those who are animal eaters.

    Low carbs and high proteins are a perfect diet. The other vitamins and minerals that are not available in the plant food should be taken from the supplements.

    A female body requires a range of 2200 to 2500 calories a day and a male body requires a range of 2500 to 3000 calories a day. This range can be obtained from the plant-based diet. Excess or low value than this can be fatal.

    Healthy fats:

    Plant-based food has healthy fats. Healthy fats include all the fats you get from plants, grains, and nuts. They do not have any negative impact on your body. They also save your body from any type of heart disease.

    You can lose weight if you are getting healthy fats because they easily broke down in the body, and do not accumulate in the stomach and liver. You can prevent yourself from having a big belly and a large stomach.

    Combat against appetite:

    Eating a plant-based diet can prevent you from having any type of cravings, bad hunger, and appetite. This is because the nutrients in the plant-based diet are fulfilling and they do not require anything to digest them.

    On the other hand, when you eat any processed food or animal food, you will require soda in the form of any carbon drinks as an additive. It will ruin your health and you will gain weight. Plant-based food will not make you mad about the food. You will also save yourself from any randomly eating habit.

    Low amount of oil in food:

    When you make any plant food, it requires a low amount of oil to make them. In comparison with animal food, for instance, beef or chicken, you will add more oil to cook them. Adding more oil will make more problems for you. Cholesterol is present in the oil which is a key product in gaining weight and many body disorders.

    Insulin triggers metabolism:

    Fats and lipids in your body trigger insulin. What does it mean? It means the when you are getting insulin on a larger range, there will be more fats and lipids in your body. Following food, stuff has a low production of insulin in your body.

    • Olives produce only 3% of insulin.
    • Chia seeds cause 2% insulin production.
    • Pecans have 0% insulin production.
    • Tofu has a very low amount of insulin content.
    • Oatmeal and many more.

    Role of hormones:

    There is a hormone in the human body called leptin. It has a role in regulating hunger levels and body content balance. Scientific researches have shown that those women who used to eat a vegan diet have a normal level of BMI and leptin.

    Leptin allows you to eat a variety of fruits, grains, and vegetables of your choice. Excessive body fat may contribute as a disturbance in the leptin level which in return will make you eat more and you will gain abnormal weight.

    BMI- weight, and height:

    The BMI calculation is the body’s weight and height calculation. It is very necessary to maintain and you should have a bodyweight according to your height. A plant-based diet helps and enables you to get a perfect BMI. It is directly related to gain and loss of weight.

    Through a plant-based diet, you get every nutrient in an adequate amount according to your body’s needs. It does not overburden your body. The food you get from plants is a natural food with not any additives.

    In an animal-based diet, there are many additives in the form of some flavors and fats added to the food. These take a lot of time and are very hard to digest in your body. That’s why you take so many naps daily.

    On the other hand, it has been proven scientifically that plant products are digested by your body in less than an hour of your activity. Your body’s machinery works normally and it does not require any external force and help to digest the food.

    A wholesome diet:

    As plant diet is regarded as a wholesome diet which means that it has all the essential vitamins, nutrients, and components for your body. You are not limited to eat a specific food. You have a variety of food of every type.

    Hence, plant-based products are the best building blocks of the body and they help to maintain and lose your body’s weight in a good way, without any force.

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    Conclusion: Can you Lose Weight on a Plant-Based Diet

    Can you lose weight on a plant-based diet? All benefits explained. Click To Tweet

    As plants are the God gifted natural substances so you have to take some benefits from them. Make a routine of getting a plant diet three or four days a week. Eating a variety of foods is better for your health and natural life cycle too.

    When you are eating a portion of plant-based food, you are losing your extra weight and body fats. You are controlling your body by yourself. You will be hydrated every time. You will be healthy and you will enjoy a longer and healthier lifespan.

    You have to do this for your current present and upcoming future. This world is full of problems and you have to get rid of them all by just taking care of yourself.

    Hopefully, you enjoyed this post and learned if can you lose weight on a plant-based diet. If you are interested in more plant-based recipes, click here. You should not longer struggle to find out plant-based recipes online.

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