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Which Yoga is Best for Weight Loss? [Melt Fat Quickly]

    Which yoga is best for weight loss? Commonly asked question from a lot of beginners that wanna lose weight by doing yoga regularly. But first, what is Yoga?

    Yoga is a mind and body practice. It consists of a combination of physical, mental, and spiritual exercises that helps you to make your body more healthy and flexible. It helps you to relax your mind and improve your breathing.

    It helps you to make a strong connection between the mind and the body. There are many types of yoga, some are more focused on meditation while others help to make the body strong and build stamina. Most beginners have to select the type of yoga that is best suited for their needs.

    Which Yoga is Best for Weight Loss pin

    Vinyasa or power yoga

    This style of yoga consists of certain movements that connect the body to the breath. This type is more suitable for those who want to burn more calories and lose weight as it consists of fast moves just like aerobics.

    Yoga Nidra

    yoga pose

    This style mainly focuses on the mind. It helps in meditation and relaxation. Its main purpose is to help the participant to relieve stress, anxiety, and improve sleep. This type of yoga does not help to burn calories. It just helps to calm the mind.

    Bikram or hot yoga

    This style consists of a fixed 26 postures. These are done in the same sequence in each class or session. They are practiced in a controlled environment. 105 degrees Fahrenheit and 40% humidity. The session is 90 minutes long and can burn 300 to 500 calories. So it is suitable for those who want to shed their extra weight through sweating.

    Main causes of weight gain

    There may be various causes of weight gain. Varying from person to person. But some important ones are:

    • Stress
    • Low Mood
    • Depression
    • Tiredness
    • Lack Of Sleep
    • Medication
    • Digestive Disorders
    • Excessive Eating
    • Bad Diet

    How can yoga help?

    Yoga is not only for weight loss but it consists of a variety of exercises that not only help to lose weight but help you improve mental health and live a healthier life.

    It increases the flexibility of the body, tones the muscles, and makes the mind strong and helps in concentration. While other exercises only help you to be physically strong, yoga in addition to physical health makes the mind strong.

    Once your mind is free of stress and relaxed, you are ready to face the challenges in life. A healthy and active mind leads to a better lifestyle. Yoga is very effective in all the below-mentioned areas:

    Physical fitness

    It helps you to build:

    • Flexibility
    • Strength
    • Endurance
    • Balance and
    • Stamina


    It helps in:

    • Emotional regulation
    • Self-control
    • Self-composure
    • Self-control
    • Psychological resilience
    • Psychological self-efficacy
    • Improves decision making

    Mind-body awareness

    It helps in:

    • Mindfulness
    • Attention
    • Concentration
    • Cognition
    • Self-awareness

    Does yoga help in weight loss?

    It is a common belief that yoga only helps in resolving the problems related to the mind. But yoga is much more than this. If done properly, it can help you to reduce weight and get back in shape.

    It is true that if you compare yoga to high-intensity workouts, it burns a lesser amount of calories. But if done with proper postures and consistency you can get your desired results and lose as much weight as you want.

    In addition to weight loss, yoga helps you to relax your mind and to be stress-free. Stress itself is the main cause of weight gain.

    If you are already physically active, you can start your routine by adding yoga exercises two or three times a day in your exercise routine. If you are just a beginner, then start with once a week and gradually you can increase the routine. Within a few days, you will start to feel the difference.

    Today, as life has become more challenging, people are getting more aware of staying physically active. Apart from physical fitness, mental health is also important, the world is becoming more challenging and the ones who can face the challenges will improve.

    Yoga poses that help in weight loss

    There are a variety of poses that you can practice to lose weight and get in shape. Some of them are discussed below.


    plank yoga pose

    Plank is one of the best calorie-burning exercises. As it engages most of the muscles so it is beneficial to the whole body. It mainly targets the abdominal area and it makes the muscles strong and tones them.

    It also improves posture and increases flexibility. It is a very simple yet very effective practice. The longer you can hold the plank the better results you will obtain.

    According to experts, if you want to lose belly fat you need to hold the plank for 60 seconds for a minimum 3 times. But if you are a beginner, it would be hard for you. You can start with 30 seconds and take rest in between and gradually increase the period.

    Warrior l

    warrior I pose

    Warrior 1 works on the front side of the body. It mainly works on thighs, ankles, and back. This is a very powerful standing posture that helps to develops stamina, balance, and coordination. Apart from the physical benefits, it helps in improving the concentration level.

    Main benefits of this pose are:

    • It helps to strengthen the muscles of arms, legs, ankles, and the back.
    • Helps to improve focus and stability.
    • Helps in good circulation of blood.
    • Helps in good respiration.
    • Provides energy to the whole body.

    Warrior ll

    warrior II pose

    It is a very important pose that helps to strengthen mental and physical stamina. It gives you the ability to stretch your upper legs and ankles. And expanding your chest and shoulders. This was named after a fierce warrior Virabhadra. The main benefits of this pose are:

    • Strengthens arms, feet, ankles, and legs.
    • Stretches the muscles of legs, chest, and shoulders.
    • It helps for digestion.
    • Relieves the back pain.
    • Improves stamina, balance, and concentration.

    Warrior III

    Warrior III pose

    Warrior III is a balancing pose. It helps to strengthen the whole back shoulders, hamstrings, calves, ankles, and back. It also tones the abdominal muscles. It helps to build inner and outer strength and increases concentration.

    The main benefits are:

    • Strengthens the whole back
    • Tones abdominal muscles.
    • Helps improve balance and posture.
    • Helps improve full-body coordination
    • Enhances the ability to concentrate
    • Build a connection between mind, body, and spirit.

    Triangle pose

    To perform this pose, you have to stand straight with your feet wide apart and hands straight parallel to the ground. Now you have to bend on your left side and try to touch your left foot with your left hand. It is recommended to stay in this position for 10-20 seconds and repeat with the other side.

    This pose helps in:

    • Strengthening the legs, knees, abdomen, and back.
    • Stretches the legs, hips, shoulders, chest, and spine.
    • Relieves stress
    • Improves digestion
    • Helps to resolve the constipation problem

    Upward dog pose

    upward dog yoga pose

    This pose stretches the muscles of the arms and balances the body weight. It is very effective in toning the arms, biceps, and triceps.

    • Helps to improve posture.
    • Strengthens the spine, arms, and wrists.
    • Stretches chest and lungs, shoulders, and abdomen.
    • Helps relieve mild depression

    Bow pose

    Bow pose

    It stretches the entire front of the body. It also strengthens the muscles of the back. It has the following benefits:

    • Improves posture
    • Spinal flexibility
    • Stimulates the organs of digestion and reproduction
    • Helps relieve fatigue, stress, and anxiety
    • Helps improve constipation

    Boat pose

    boat pose

    The boat pose works in the same way as a see-saw or a boat. The main idea is to balance the body. If you cannot get rid of your stubborn belly fat then try boat pose. It will give you visible results.

    To perform this pose you have to lie flat on the ground with your hands by your side. Then you have to slowly lift your upper body and legs, such that your body forms a V shape. You have to stay in the position for 10-20 seconds.

    It gives you the following benefits:

    • Tones and strengthens your abdominal muscles.
    • Improves balance and digestion.
    • Strengthens your spine and hip
    • Stimulates the glands of kidneys, thyroid, and intestines

    Chair pose

    To perform this pose you have to stand straight with your feet joined together and hands by your side. Then you have to raise your arms above your head such that your palms face each other and then bend slowly from your knees, exactly like you’d do in a squat position. Your thighs should be parallel to the ground. You have to Stay in the position for 10-15 seconds.

    • Tones the leg muscles
    • Strengthens hip flexors, ankles, calves, and back.
    • Stretches chest and shoulders.
    • Reduces symptoms of flat feet.
    • Stimulates the heart, diaphragm, and abdominal organs.

    Child’s pose

    child's pose yoga


    This is a very easy pose as compared to other poses of yoga, yet very effective. You can start by sitting on the floor. You have to lower your head down on the mat by resting your belly on the top of your thighs. If you are a beginner, your head might not touch the mat, but that’s okay. Stretch your hands forward, with your palms touching the front of the mat, right in front of your head. Hold the position for 10-20 seconds and relax.

    • Releases tension in the back, shoulders, and chest.
    • Recommended if you have dizziness or fatigue.
    • Helps alleviate stress and anxiety.
    • It lengthens and stretches the spine.

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    Conclusion: Which yoga is best for weight loss?

    Yoga is a set of practices that not only helps you strengthen your mind and soul. It also helps to strengthen your body. Some types of yoga help you to lose weight. The only idea is to perform yoga poses in the correct way and with consistency.

    If you do work out regularly, you can add yoga into your workout routine two or three times a week. And if you are a beginner you can start with less time and then gradually increase the time of the workout.

    There are a variety of yoga practices; you can pick the ones that fit with your demand. It has been proven that people who perform yoga live a fit, healthy, and active life. As it not only works on your body but also works on the mind.

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