Morning Yoga for Energy [Best Way to Boost Mood & Energy]

    This is by far the easiest guide for morning yoga for energy improvement. Do you feel tired and lost when you wake up and it harms your day as you cannot feel enough energy to spend it in the right way?

    Consider adding yoga to your daily morning instead of coffee because the 10-15 minutes yoga is better than a cup of coffee.

    This yoga is designed for you and this will help you to feel and get all the energy you should have all your day. This is your physical as well as mental exercise.

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    If you are willing to give your best and you want to improve your mood, all you need to do is some morning yoga for energy. You will get rid of all the stress, depressions, and anxieties. In this article, I will show you 10 minutes of yoga and the ways you can do it. They are the perfect exercises so every beginner can do them.

    Starting mediation

    yoga pose

    Release your hands and roll yourself forward. Sit back on your heels and keep your spine nice and long. Inhale to sweep your arms out, around and up. Be mindful to keep your front ribs in. Exhale and dace your palms out.

    Take your hands behind you, roll your shoulders back and interlace your fingers, thumbs and now take your left ear to your left shoulder. Centre your inhale and exhale, right ear to your right shoulder. Repeat it 2 to 3 times.


    To start, stand on the mat with your feet hip-distance apart from each other. Keep your arms at the side of your body and stand straight. Now spread and turn your foot into different angles while standing. Turn your right foot by 90 degrees and your left foot by 45 degrees. Now raise your arms parallel to the floor with your palms facing the floor.

    Now do the exercise. Exhale and reach your body to the right. Now try to touch your right hand to your right leg. While you touching your leg, ankle, or foot (Do what you feel comfortable) stretch as much as you can. Inhale and exhale as much as you can while in this position, then stand straight and relax.

    Cat cow pose

    Cat cow pose

    Sit with your all fours and your knees should be a hip-width distance apart and your hands should be below your shoulders. You have to inhale when you drop your belly and lift your graze. This is called a cow pose.

    You have to exhale when you tuck your chin towards your chest and lift your mid-back towards the sky. This is known as the cat pose. Do it 4 rounds with a neutral spine.

    Downward facing dog

    Downward facing dog

    For this, you have to pull your back and hips into a downward dog position. Take your feet hip-width apart and drop down your head. Inhale and lift yourself from the toes. After that, exhale and put your heels back to the ground and make your neck straight.

    Baby cobra

    yoga Baby cobra

    For this, you have to lay down by your back on the mat. Lift your neck, head, and chest above the ground and relax your butt. Exhale and inhale while pressing your feet down. After that, come into the downward position again and do it for the other side too.

    Plank pose

    Inhale and bring your torso forward and make your shoulders over your wrist. Keep your arms parallel to the floor. Press your arms inward and shoulder blades apart, after that you have to press your thigh up.

    Sun salutation

    Sun salutation yoga

    After doing 2 to 5 minutes of a downward dog as a warmup, you have to do the salutations.

    Stretch your arms and stand on your feet slightly apart and parallel to each other. Inhale and take your hands towards the ceiling. If you feel your shoulders tight then keep your hands apart.

    After that, exhale and fold your body forward while releasing your arms. Use a block for support if you want to and bend your knees. Inhale and make your elbows straight, fingertips reaching the floor, and then bring your torso away from thighs. When you exhale take your body into a lunge position.

    Exhale and bend your body to chaturanga and your legs and torso should be parallel to the floor. Keep your shoulders lifted from the floor and lift your thighs away. Look down at the floor and lengthen your tailbone.

    Now repeat this sequence.

    Warrior I

    Step your foot forward and your knees should be close to your nose. Raise yourself into a warrior position while placing your heel back on the floor.

    Warrior II

    Stretch your arms out for a proper body balance.

    Warrior reverse

    You have to place your left hand on your thigh and stretch. Release your other arm up.

    Repeat the chaturanga sequence and warrior sequence and again chaturanga sequence.

    After that you can do the following poses on your own will:

    • Backbend.
    • Happy baby.
    • Dancer pose.

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    Conclusion: Morning Yoga for Energy

    Boosted guide on morning yoga for energy. Easy to start and you can become really good at it. 🧘‍♀️ Click To Tweet

    This yoga sequence will help you in getting all the energy. This is only 10 minutes mediation and you can make your next 24 hours energetic. Yoga is the peace of mind, body, and soul and no one can deny its importance.

    You can do this in your home without any difficulty. This is very useful to live a better life and to face all the challenges with power.

    Hopefully, you enjoyed this morning yoga for energy and helped you increase your mood. Check out the yoga burn program to level up.

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