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How to Start Yoga by Yourself [Best & Easy Way To Start Now]

    How to start yoga by yourself? Everyone is so busy nowadays in his life that you have any time to attend classes or yoga practice sessions. It is important to note that 20 minutes of yoga at home that you do is better than when you drive a car and go to any class for an hour.

    The yoga you do by yourself is without any pressure and force, it is full of feelings.

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    Today, I have a complete sequence for you to do yoga if you want to learn how to start yoga by yourself. If you are new to yoga and you have been curious about yoga practice and all, it is wonderful and it has beautiful benefits for your body and mind.

    You do not need any blocks and you do not need any blankets. All you need is an open mind and your body. If you have a mat that is a great otherwise open mind and an open heart can work.

    Find a place

    yoga home

    When you are going to start yoga by yourself, the very first thing is that you have to select and make a place for your yoga. The place can be small but it should be peaceful so that you have all your focus on yourself.

    You can also turn on any soothing music in the background that will help you to be more relax.

    Choose poses and intensity

    First of all, you have to choose poses what fits best in you. You should choose the poses which give you the best experience. It will also give you motivation when you choose 4 or 5 poses. Do not afraid of the baby steps at the start.

    Check the intensity of yoga. You need to know your body if you wanna learn how to start yoga by yourself. It means that if you are having fatigue or you are tired, then just do the light yoga and just stand to balance yourself. If you are okay and you want to use all your body and make it relax, then you can increase the intensity.

    Move your body 360-degrees

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    It does not matter which pose you are doing, you have to move your body and do that pose in every possible direction. Choose each pose for each direction of the body. It should be backward, forward, leaning to the right and left. If you are doing all the directions, then you are complete.

    How you can do yoga?


    You will start with a cross-legged position and it is also called the easy pose or the pose of ease. Take a second here to check in with the breadth by looping the shoulders a couple of times. Loop them forward and backward. Inhale looping forward and exhale grounding down and back.

    Just find a little organic movement and then check in with the neck by moving one ear over one shoulder. Then you will go forward into the chest, shaking the head like yes or no.

    Coming back to the center, you will bring the head over the heart and the heart over the pelvis. Take a second and close your eyes or soften the gaze so you can go inward. Just find your alignment and make it proper.

    You just come into the momentum with a little integrity, whatever that means to you. It is the body and mind awareness and you think where your thoughts are coming from.

    Anjali Mudra


    Draw your palms together at the heart and take a deep breath in. You can think about lifting your sternum and your heart up to the chest. This prayer-like position is used when you often become tired. Just practice it then. In this, you are going to an active body but with a sense of ease.

    This is the best tool if you want to start yoga by yourself because it helps you to find a balance between active body, strength, engaging qualities, and then also a softness, ease, a lightness, and a calmness.

    Tabletop position

    yoga pose

    You are going to start with a tabletop position and make sure your hips are above your knees. You are going to keep the hips nice and high and just walk the hands out in front of you to keep reaching through your fingertips.

    You can let your forehead rest out on the mats if you have a little bit more room to play and bring your chin down on the mat. With every exhale, melt your chest down a little bit more.

    After that come into a child’s pose and sink the hips low towards the heel. Add some sway from side to side. Again meet the tabletop position.

    Bridge – Bandha Sarvangasana

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    You can start it by lying on your back and bring your feet parallel to each other. Make them straight to your hips so that you touch your heels with your fingertips. Your palms should be down and arms next to your body. Lift your hips but you are leading with your breastbone.

    Move your breastbone towards the head and your neck is relaxed. Do not flatten the back of the neck. Press into the feet and fix yourself through the shoulders. Rise your chest and move your inner thighs inward.

    In this way, you will get a stretch in your whole body. This pose will release you from the stress, anxieties, and insomnia. Also if you are facing any depression, so this pose is best for that.

    Be persistent

    You have to make a commitment with yourself that you have to make a connection with yourself. This can bring the best change to you. Never say a NO to yourself while doing yoga. Focus on doing yoga every day for 15-30 minutes, and soon enough you will start seeing improvements.

    Now, you can improve your journey on how to learn yoga by yourself with a complete 12-week plan made for you.

    Start Yoga with a complete 12-week plan

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    It is a complete step-by-step guide on how you can learn to do yoga like a professional in 12 weeks.

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    Conclusion: How to Start Yoga by Yourself

    Yoga helps you to control your inner peace, mind, and soul. It helps you to overcome all your anxieties and depression. It is time you give to yourself.

    Morning yoga is essential to keep calm all day. It manages your body and keeps your muscles in a relaxed state and you do not feel any burden. It improves your body tone and muscle strength.

    Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this article on how to start yoga by yourself.

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