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What to Eat Before Running 5k [The Best Guide – Explained]

    What to eat before running 5k miles/km? Running uses all your body. It uses your mind, hormones, every organ, and every body part. You have to think about what you should eat and act before running 5k because it can make many problems if you do not care about it.

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    To increase your stamina, and to feel yourself lightly, a proper diet is very important. You have to consider the importance of food because it is the fuel that will drive you and make you perform great.

    To fuel up your body, you have to be very careful because you cannot eat just everything. You can take an example as every kind of vehicle has its fuel, that some runs on octane and some on gasoline.

    Today, I will show you a proper and complete diet that will help you learn what to eat before running 5k without any problem. You will be able to run and feel energized all-time in performing 5k run. You will not face any stomach cramps as well.

    What should you eat before a run?

    Here is the list of some food items that will help you to feel light and that will increase your stamina:



    Your body’s primary fuel is glucose that is a carbohydrate. If you have to run in the morning or the evening, you have to eat carbohydrates that are healthy but do not eat too much because it will block your stomach and you will feel heavy and cramps.

    Carbohydrates store the energy for your muscles, and it is broken down in the body to release all the energy. Now, you have to eat some food that has instant energy but also easily breakable so it would not be locked down. Your brain also uses some glucose and it should be healthy.

    If you stuff yourself with a lot of carbohydrates, then there will no place for proteins and fats (they are also very important). You will be disturbed throughout your race because you took some extra calories that are not burning. It will make you feel heavy legs, nausea, stomach cramps, and pain. You can eat some food items from the following list:

    • Quinoa
    • Pasta with a tomato-based sauce
    • Fruits

    Stay hydrated:


    Drinking water is a must for you but drinking water just before the run is not okay. You have to stay hydrated in the days before your run. If you drink water just before your run, you will be going washroom again and again.

    It can also cause problems in your stomach as it will be floating in that. You have to drink water in an adequate amount. Do not let your body to be dry because your metabolism will be disturbed.

    If you find plain water boring, you can also drink almond water or any juice. Take an energy drink before your race to pump yourself for the race.


    Proteins are very important in your race because it does several functions during your race. It is the last to be broken down if the carbohydrates and fats are ended.

    So, it acts very well in emergencies. It also does all the changes in your muscles when they are being used in the race. It makes them flexible to change and bear all the changes going on them.

    Remember to take a protein shake before your run because it is an instant energy source for you. To get a good start and end your run, protein shake, or any similar drink like that, is very important.

    Healthy fats:


    We cannot ignore the importance of healthy fats because these are used in energy production when carbohydrates are depleted. Scientific research has been shown that your food should consist of 3/4 parts of fat.

    It helps the body to travel a long distance and also it helps to absorb many nutrients in the body too. They are useful for your joints and muscles. You should know the difference between healthy fats and unhealthy fats that are present in sugars, cheese, and butter, etc.

    Taking too many fats is not okay. Just taking it in enough quantity can increase your run. Also, remember to take it 4 hours before your run because it has to be digested.

    You can take the following things:

    • Fish
    • Tofu
    • Almonds
    • Nuts

    What should be your breakfast?


    You have to take breakfast 2 to 3 hours before a run because you also have to give some time to it to digest. Take 200 to 300 calories that are enriched in low amounts of carbohydrates.

    Do not take too many fats and fibers because they both take a lot of time to digest and can cause problems in your run. You can take 10 grams of fat or fibers, nut not more than this limit. Oatmeal with some brown sugar is best as a breakfast before your race.

    What if you feel hungry before the run?

    If you feel hungry before the race, you should eat something of about 200 calories. Do not make yourself stuff full. You can eat a banana, energy drink, chewing gums, chocolate, or any energy bar.

    You have to eat something that gives you some calories without stuffing your stomach. Again. You have to refrain from taking any fats and fibers.

    Do not try something new:

    Beware of all the experiments like not eating anything before a run, or eating everything before a race. Do not try new food items. You have to eat what suits you the best.

    You have to eat the same as you were eating in your training sessions. The food item you eat should be full of energy but contain low calories.

    Do not take any supplements or heavy items that cause your stomach upset. Try to eat your meal before at least 3 hours of the race. These are tiny things but they can increase or decrease your potential.

    Other essential things

    There are some other essential things that you have to follow in your routine on what to eat before running 5k. The following points should be noted and these are beneficial for you.

    Get proper sleep:

    You have to take proper sleep of about 7 to 8 hours before a run because your body needs some time to get prepared for another day. Your body needs a proper time to clear all the mess you created and digest all the food you ate.

    If you do not take proper sleep, then your hormone level will be disturbed and you will face many problems in your race. The biggest problem will be the focus.

    To stay focus and attentive during your race, you have to take sleep and prepare your body for the race.

    Drain your body:

    What does this phrase mean? It means that you have to go to the washroom before a run. You have to be relaxed and do not rush.

    This is very important because you have to remove the waste products and extra water, otherwise, it will create a load in your body and you will not be able to give your best in the race.

    Get a meal on time:

    This is very important to take your meal on time because a sudden meal or an early meal can affect your stamina and race. Your food is your fuel and you cannot eat it randomly.

    The following are the timings and the number of calories of the meal.

    • If you are taking 150 to 200 calories, then take them before 2 hours of the race.
    • If you are planning to take 500 calories, then take them before 4 hours of the race.
    • If you are planning to eat a whole meal that is about 800 to 900 calories, then there should be a difference of 8 hours between your meal and your race.

    Do not consume caffeine before a run:

    It is said that caffeine gives you some instant energy. Yes, it is true, but it also makes your stomach upset. It can cause diarrhea and you have to avoid it because there would be no restrooms.

    This energy is very short-lived and generally used to reduce sleep and hyperactivity. Drinking or eating it before a run is not okay.

    You can find caffeine in the following things:

    • Coffee
    • Tea
    • Some energy drinks.

    Conclusion: What to eat before running 5k

    A proper diet at the proper time is a must for you. Do not take it easy because you are going to win on its behalf.

    You have to consider all the above-mentioned points to prepare your body and to improve your run. Running is an intense activity and you have to take care of your body and you have you make your body to that level. Do not run out of the fuel and get some quality fuel.

    During your run, you should be focused and determined in which food plays a big part. The right food helps you to be focused and motivated in your run. Build yourself in the right way because short-cuts can be fatal.

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