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How to Stop Eating Junk Food [11 Proven Ways to Stop]

    This blog will be all about learning how to stop eating junk food and break your addiction. These are some of the proven ways to stop your cravings for junk food and start living healthier and happier.

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    How to Stop Eating Junk Food

    Why health is so important?  

    With so many problems and viruses going around, health should be your number 1 priority. Health problems are now being considered as one of the biggest emerging problems all over the world. Looking back to our elders, they had a very long and healthy life span. But now the average age of a human is 60 years with full of diseases and health problems. One factor that is leading it is ‘Being Obese’. It leads to the following problems and affects a person from head to toe.

    • Cardiac problems.
    • Joint problems.
    • Kidney and liver disorders.
    • Mental disorders and many more.

    Now the question is, How to get rid of all of them? You just have to maintain your diet and that’s it. Junk food is the biggest enemy of anyone’s health. Avoiding this, you can have a healthy life. So here is the way for you to learn how to stop eating junk food and lose weight.

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    What is junk food?

    Junk food is the type of unhealthy food that enriches with more amount of sugar and fats, lacks the proper amount of dietary fibers, proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates, etc. It misbalances the proper food contents of the human body. The biggest problem is that when one starts CRAVES for it.

    How to stop eating junk food?

    How to stop eating junk food regime

    Food craving is stimulated by a part of a brain that has a role in memory, reward, and happiness. Hormones like Leptin and Serotonin can cause food cravings. Here is the method that you can learn on how to stop eating junk food. The following points will help you to stop craving for it.

    Total calories requirements for a human body:

    The total calorie required by adult women estimates range from 1,600 to 2,400 calories per day and the range required by adult men is 2,000 to 3,000 calories per day. Getting a higher or lower amount from this value would be fatal. This range is what the body exactly needs.

    Just take an example, neither can you add more petrol to your car when it’s full nor you can drive it when its tank is empty. Your stomach behaves the same as this tank. It is not so pro so it can digest all the food you eat.

    Calories in Junk Food:

    The following things used in junk food have the following calories.

    • Sugar has 387 calories per 100 grams.
    • Burger has 295 calories per 100 grams.
    • Pizza has 266 calories per 100 grams.

    Just for instance and your comparison, a plate of rice has 80 calories in total and much more nutrients than any junk food. It can help you to stop craving.

    Think about what happens when there are 300 grams of sugar in your dessert? It means you are providing your body with what it doesn’t need.

    Make a diet plan:

    meal plan

    I am not stopping you to eat junk food. Just make a diet plan, count the calories of your food and be on it. Maintain the range and that’s all. If you are eating ice cream in a part of your day, just eat something having lower calories in another part of that same day.

    40 days plan:

    It is a human psychic behavior that if he stops doing one thing for 40 days, that becomes the part of his life. So, once you stop eating junk food for about 40 days, you won’t crave for it after that time. Just think about any other thing whenever you crave for junk food. The following are some ways.

    • Listen to music.
    • Start doing exercise.
    • Start doing domestic work.
    • Plan your things etc.

    Hormones also trigger Food Cravings:

    There are two hormones in a female body. One is estrogen and another one is progesterone. Research has shown that a woman eats 25% more before her menstruation cycle. Estrogen inhibits your hunger in the hypothalamus and progesterone works as antagonistically and stimulates your hunger. This cycle craves you for food. You need some extra amounts of sugars and salt in your food. That diverts your attention towards junk food.

    This is a problem, but DO NOT PANIC, have a seat and read this.

    All you have to do is, eat chocolate or candy. Go to your kitchen and make some food by yourself. Add some spices or sugar in your food rather than eating any junk food.

    Do not stress:

    There is a strong connection between the food cycle and stress. Let me explain. Stress causes the blockage of the release of hormones from the pituitary gland such as estrogen which adversely affects the food intake and food cycle.

    It forces you to eat something and you strongly crave any unhealthy food. This creates a very serious problem in menstruation and delays it. So the stress can also be fatal.

    Do not eat food inopportunely:

    Making a proper schedule for your meals very important. There are also some working hours of the stomach and it cannot overwork. Research has shown that there should be a six hours gap between two meals. I can also make an eating routine for you.

    • Breakfast at 8 before you go to work.
    • Lunch at 2 pm
    • Dinner at 8 pm

    This routine is best for you. It is according to what and when the body needs fuel. You always crave food on improper timings, in the evening or at midnight. Obeying this schedule prevent you from eating junk food. Improper timings can overburden your stomach.

    Sleeping routine:

    Having 8 hours of daily sleep at night prevents you from eating junk food. Yes! It is a fact. When you take a night of proper sleep, it helps your body organs to relax also. They clear up all the mess you created all your day. Waking up with fresh organs is so important. Make your sleeping schedule proper.

    Do not eat before sleep:

    Immediately sleeping after taking a meal is a problem. The food doesn’t get digested because of your posture of sleeping. When you wake up, you start to crave for something that is not healthy. You want sugars, sauces, and burgers but not a proper meal. It causes weight gain too. When you eat, go to a walk, do some light exercise and then sleep to maintain your eating routine.

    Drink water:

    Whenever you feel that your sugar level is down, drink water. You’ll feel afterward that it was not a craving, it was just your thirst. Scientist says that one must drink 8 glass of water a day. So drinking abundant water helps you with all your body needs.

    Do not stay hungry for too long:

    If you stay hungry for many hours, your body’s sugar level becomes down and you start craving junk food most probably. To fulfill your appetite you eat a lot, in return, it ruins your body’s normal carbohydrate, protein and vitamin level.

    Eat a planned food not a sudden food:

    This phrase means that you should know what you have to eat even you go out. Make up your mind! Prepare your body for that food.

    Do not go out hungry:

    Whenever you plan to go out for your work, for shopping and studies, etc. Eat something before you go out because if you go hungry, you will crave for everything you see. You’ll stop and start eating that. It will disturb your focus and health as well.

    Eat the colored food:

    Eating colored food means eating fruits. For instance:

    • If you crave for yellow-colored ice cream, just take a mango, put it in the refrigerator and eat it.
    • If you crave something sweet, eat a strawberry.
    • If you crave for something sour, you can eat oranges.

    In short, you can eat fruits and vegetables whenever you crave for anything. You can also eat dry fruits like almonds, nuts to satisfy your cravings because they have proteins and healthy fats.

    Brain workout:

    This is important if you wanna learn how to stop eating junk food. Just to stop craving for anything, your brain workout is very important. How? You just have to think that you are greater than this craving and you just have to stop yourself from eating that stuff. It will increase the power factor of your will power too.

    Picture yourself in your mind that you just have to do it. You have to live longer and a better life. Do it for yourself. Think about what kind of compliments you’ll get once you accomplish your goal.

    Conclusion: How to Stop Eating Junk Food

    Junk food you have craved for an hour or the body you have craved for a lifetime? Your decision!

    Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this blog post on how to stop eating junk food and improve your day-to-day life. Our bodies are our temples and we should look after them daily. It is the only place where we can live until the rest of our lives.

    Your body is providing you so many benefits. You can travel, walk, work, earn and everything you want. You should give it something in return.

    Start taking more care of it so it can serve you longer. If you are interested in losing weight, you can check this Cinderella program, check below the results of the girls. It is one of the most impressive ways for you to lose weight and be comfortable in your skin.

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