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How to Stop Food Cravings – The Best Things You Can Do

How to Stop Food Cravings? What to do when you are starving? Are cravings a sign of deficiency? What food kills hunger?

These are some of the most asked questions that a lot of people struggle with, and with this blog post, you will learn how to stop your food cravings.

How to Stop Food Cravings

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Food craving is intense and difficult to control for any kind of food. A craving is much stronger than hunger. This wouldn’t be such a bad thing if the most foods that people crave are not junk and processed foods.

The most craved foods have high sugar, salt or fat.

Causes of food cravings

Craving is a reaction of the endocrine system of your body. It is largely stimulated by the part of the brain responsible for memory, reward and pleasure.

When there is a hormonal imbalance in the body of serotonin or leptin, the body pushes to regain balance and as a result, it is manifested externally as a craving.

Pregnancy is known to stir up a woman’s craving and appetite for specific foods. This may be attributed to the changes in the hormonal composition of a woman as the levels of some increase as others reduce destabilizing the original balance. These changes affect the receptors to taste an smell.

Scientifically, the body will crave a particular food because it lacks those nutrients. Also, emotions are a good boost for cravings.

There are people who eat to get comfortable and others get an intense craving for food while they are angry so they can cool off.

How to Stop Food Cravings

Food cravings may manifest itself selectively or non-selectively. Selective food craving occurs when one’s desire is fixated on a specific food such as potato crisps, chocolate bar or burger.

Meanwhile, non-selective cravings occur when one craves for nothing specific. This may be due to hunger or emotion. Below are some of the ways one can use to stop cravings for food and soda drinks as well.

Managing stress

managing stress

On this subject, stress can result in two outcomes. However, we know that stress has been linked with a dozen other negative things. Mainly, stress is known to cause emotional discomfort which may trigger emotional eating.

This kind of eating may only be to make yourself comfortable. Such kind of eating may attract unnecessary weight gain.

Also, stress increases the level of cortisol, the stress hormone in the body which is known to enhance the development of belly fat.

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Drinking sufficient water

drinking water

Apart from reducing food cravings, drinking plenty of water has a significant role in your body.

However, since one may confuse hunger and thirst because of their near same effects, it is better to drink water to avoid the confusion by ruling out the other.

Getting adequate sleep

sleep quit food craving

It has been proven that when a person is deprived of sleep, they tend to eat more and overreact to situations. When normal sleeping schedules are re-instated, you will become normal again.

This shows that sleep has a direct correlation to hormonal balance which controls food craving which then has a direct impact on body weight and fat.

Consumption of enough protein

According to recent studies, it is easier to lose weight by changing a diet to have more protein sources and fewer sugars. This study was undertaken to reduce weight in men.

It was reported that changing a diet to more proteins was responsible for men cutting weight by 60% and they also lost their cravings as well.

Avoiding hunger pans

Hunger will only increase someone’s craving for food. If craving kicks in, then you are lucky to control what you eat and how you eat it. Therefore, avoid dieting plans that expose you to extended hunger drives than completely necessary.

Weight loss is emotional just as it is physical. Compromising one will not give the required results. Plan your diet and healthy snacks throughout the day to avoid cravings from kicking in.

Change your routine

It is difficult to stop habits or even replace them. Some cravings may be due to reinforced routines that you have grown to get used to.

For instance, you may be so used to stopping at a fast-food place for some hamburgers that you get used to it. To break this behavior, you need to change your directions home. Maybe take a route to the gym instead.

Eat spinach extract

A spinach extract is a diet supplement that targets to reduce appetite and appetite for snacks. It is advised to use this extract with food.

Being full will prevent you from getting suddenly hungry and confusing the real need for food with a craving. The effectiveness of this supplement has been proven by a study on obese women.

Avoid food stores and supermarkets on an empty stomach

avoid supermarket

Food businesses will always display unhealthy but attractive foods at an eye level for you to purchase.

While hungry, you will not have time to look for healthier meals, and that’s why you settle for the snacks. Avoid going to the supermarkets hungry.

How to prevent cravings at night

Food craving can totally wake you from sleep. Most of this is attributed to your lifestyle at home. Some of the eating behaviors that may cause craving disorders are eating while watching a TV, eating fast, avoiding drinking water, etc.

So generally, night cravings may be instigated by hunger or unhealthy feeding behavior.

Eating healthy foods such as proteins has shown to provide a solution to sudden cravings at night. Therefore, in addition to balanced diets, you need to practice healthy eating habits such as eating slowly and with the television switched off.

Conclusion: How to Stop Food Cravings

Food craving is an intense uncontrollable feeling for sugary, high-fat or salty foods such as snacks. If the craving is not controlled, it is likely to make your body increase in weight sooner or later.

Weight loss challenges have been largely contributed to unhealthy eating. The secret to stopping them is practicing healthy eating habits and avoiding getting extremely hungry. And, don’t forget to drink water.

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