How to Lose Belly Fat on Keto? [Best FREE Guide to Burn Fat]

    How to Lose Belly Fat on Keto? Is it possible? In this post, you will find out the healthiest way of losing belly fat while being on the Keto diet.

    How do you Lose Belly Fat on Keto

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    Belly fat is arguably the new “cancer” of body fitness. Apart from it being stubbornly tricky to do away with, scientifically it has been widely linked as a causative agent for illnesses such as diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular infections.

    Also, for a long time, fats have been regarded as catalysts to brain diseases, cancer, and allergies.

    Diets plans have however come in handy in attempts to eradicate the belly fat. For those people who have tried a number of special diets, you know that it seeks to change two main aspects of your life. That is, the food you eat and your lifestyle.

    Well, if these are the tickets for someone to avoid going through a knife, then it is worth signing up for. keto diet is a plan which seeks change a person’s lifestyle by completely taking control of the dietary requirements in a bid to eliminate fat storage and rather enhance calorie eradication.

    Keto diet forces the body to burn unnecessary fat from the body. To do that, there are various factors that you need to follow to ensure maximum success with less effort. Below are some of the proven ways that one can lose fat on a keto diet.

    Reduce carbs consumption

    lose belly fat on keto

    You must have heard that for you to lose fat, you need to consume less of it. Well, with keto, you are advised to eat more fat to lose even more fat. The way to do so is by eliminating carbs in your diet.

    It is counterintuitive, yes, but research ran on obese subjects shown that those who ate fewer carbs and more fats ended up losing more weight than those who consumed less fat and more carbs.

    On this diet, a ketone is required for ketosis. And, fat is highly essential for the production of the ketone.

    Further studies, however, have indicated that not all kinds of fat are helpful in this process. That is why the medium-chain triglycerides are preferred tor this process. This kind of fats can also be sourced from coconut oil.

    Satiating oils are the key components of the keto diet. Fatty acids from olive oil are equally satiating. The most vital role of this die is to ensure you cut fat while maintaining high energy levels. Reducing fat requires a substantial amount of energy; fats are arguably the most powerful energy source when oxidized.

    Intermittent fasting


    This is a diet strategy where you are required to cycle between feeding and fasting periods. For keto dieters, intermittent fasting can take any time between eight to twelve hours before they reach a feeding window.

    According to research, fasting increases blood flow to the fatty tissues, which enhances the burning of fats. It also increases the production of ketone hence making it an essential addition to the keto diet to-do list.

    Furthermore, intermittent fasting has been proven to not only preserve muscle mass but enhance it. However, to prevent fatigue, you need to stay well hydrated through your fasting period before reaching your feeding window.

    Another angle of observation is the benefits of intermittent fasting. Other than fat reduction, it increases blood supply hence improving the health of the brain. This further increases the metabolic rate hence helping to prevent various illnesses, including cancer.

    Daily exercises

    losing belly fat on keto

    Nearly all strategies that have a goal of reducing fat or weight include exercises on the plan. Chances of cutting belly fat without exercise are considerably low.

    The reason why consultants and physiotherapists will enforce a session of exercises on a daily basis is that they are trying to tune your body to activate the resting metabolic rate (RMR).

    Since most of the time you will be likely seated, your body will translate this as rest. Therefore, you want your body to be able to burn calories even when at rest. To reach here, the resting metabolic rate must be increased, and one does so by exercising.

    The High-Intensity Interval Training has been singled out as the most efficient and effective exercising strategy. HIIT involves high-speed sprints followed by slow activities. For keto, since carbs are quite limited, this kind of exercise can prove challenging for beginners.

    Therefore, starting with moderate activity exercises such as anaerobic might help to get into HIIT slowly. It is further advised to stick to the HIIT if you have already started to maximize your chances of cutting belly fat.

    Eat sufficient protein

    Protein is one of the most satiating macros on the keto diet. As a dieter, you are advised to consume the right amount of proteins to ensure the growth of muscles and repair of tissues in the body.

    During metabolism, your body will need twice the amount of energy to oxidize protein than it will for carbs. Therefore, more calories are burnt while breaking down proteins.

    Also, since your body will need to replace the fats with muscles, it is advisable to eat proteins to ensure bodybuilding since proteins highly facilitate it.

    You are supposed to be sure you consume just the right amount of proteins; if not, your body may convert the extra amount of protein into glucose which will surely kick you off ketosis.

    What to avoid

    Don’t cut on calorie consumption: keto diet is all about burning fat. This can be spearheaded by eating sufficient calories. Do not obsess on eliminating calories to the point of eating less of them.

    However, the keto diet suppresses your appetite; the chances are that after a period of ketosis, you will start consuming fewer calories.

    Don’t rely on targeted exercises: it is not true that by doing exercises in a targeted area such as the abs then it helps lose fats in that area. Rather, you are required to burn fat all over the body to ensure yourself of positive results.

    Don’t force results: results come after consistency, do not push yourself to limits exerting more energy and in the end, feeling sore and miserable in the name of weight loss. Take the fat burning process a step by step journey

    How to Lose Belly Fat on Keto: Conclusion

    Ketosis requires awareness and consistency. Dieters are expected to know what they are getting themselves into and maintain the required discipline throughout the entire process.

    By following the above highlighted five simple steps, you are assured of positive results by the end of the process.

    Furthermore, it has already been established that this diet takes away your appetite; therefore, you will not constantly be feeling hungry. This will enable you to go through the intermittent fasting without a struggle.

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