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What Exercises Burn the Most Belly Fat [Best FREE Exercises]

    In this blog post, we gonna talk about what exercises burn the most belly fat and which ones you should implement in your daily life.

    Our goal at is to show you the best ways to burn fat and get a well-toned stomach. Keep reading if you want to burn the unwanted calories with some of these exercises and burn the belly fat quickly.

    What Exercises Burn the Most Belly Fat

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    1. Running & walking


    I know that is probably weird that is in the first option, but the easiest way to lose the love handles is to start moving. If you can’t run then start walking.

    Your genetics is how they are, so they decide where the fat settles in your body, so start moving. Exercising helps you to lose belly fat, and it can help you lose weight in other areas as well.

    These two are the most powerful fat-burning exercises to look better, and you don’t need to have extra equipment.

    2. Elliptical trainer

    I know that everyone, as it ages, may not have the best joins as you once had. The good elliptical trainers provide a great way to have great cardio that can burn 300 calories in less than 30 minutes. It is the same way as running will burn, but without the joint tearing.

    3. Bicycling

    It is another great low impact exercise without tearing your joins and it is great because you will travel a bit. Bicycling can also burn up to 500 calories during 30-minute riding.

    It will also help you strengthen your abdominal muscles so it will shed fat in the belly. It will help you with great stabilization, rotation and more muscle activity overall.

    What exercises to do before you hop on?
    • Chill on your back with hands behind your head
    • Left elbow to right knee and then switch sides
    • Start breathing exercises
    • Do a couple of sets

    4. Ball Crunch

    This exercise will need more engagement with more muscles and it needs a ball and lots of stabilization.

    • Plant your feet on the ground and lie on your ball so your lower back can be supported.
    • Hands-on your chest or behind your head
    • Keep the ball stable
    • Do a couple of sets

    If you want to successfully flatten your stomach you need to burn body fat and build muscle at the same time. You can start walking, running, bicycling and these exercises will burn the fat and the love handles.

    Important: This is a big step, you need to know what food you put in your body. If you put garbage in, the garbage you will get. Getting on a Keto Diet is the best way to go, and within 24 hours you can get into ketoses so your body can burn fat quickly.

    Keep working hard and the results will come.

    Conclusion: What Exercises Burn the Most Belly Fat

    Focus on running, if you can’t then start walking, set your alarm and every day do 30-60 minutes walk. It will help you clear your mind and burn belly fat as well.

    If you can’t do both then start using the elliptical trainer and can save your joint tear if you can’t run. Bicycling is another way to shed fat and get in great shape as well as traveling a bit.

    Focus on keeping your food intake good and start a Keto diet, it will help you to shed fat quickly and clear your mind.

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