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Bikini Body Workouts at Home [Fit & Healthy] Best Bikini Body

    What are the best Bikini Body Workouts at Home? Are you getting tired of the aerobic section of a local gym in your neighborhood? Do you have a target to have a rocking bikini body?

    You can accomplish this at home, at the gym or any workout center you may have in mind.

    Bikini Body Workouts at Home

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    According to fitness specialists, the average time the body takes to adjust and get used to a change is two to three weeks. Since you want to challenge your body to break limits and respond to training, you may need to be a little consistent and work on different exercises per session.

    Some sites will promise you results in three weeks of exercises and working out. Again, this may be farfetched if you don’t make it your daily drug.

    So, if you are prepared to sweat better brace yourself and cut that extra fat for a leaner and a healthier-looking body. There are exercises that you can perform at home to attain your dream body.

    Plus, you can check the Bikini Body workouts program down below and see how some dedicated women make huge transformations with their bodies.

    They mostly include body lunges, push-ups, squats, and stretches in between each exercise. This will, however, be merged with a good diet. In the program below there is a perfect program that will cover everything for you to get your dream bikini body.

    Best Bikini Body Workouts at Home

    Rebound lunge

    With your left leg stationary, step in front with your right foot and bend your knee at a right angle. Proceed without pausing to step backward with the same right foot but this time the right angle should be formed on your left foot. Do this in a repetitive motion for 15 – to 20 times without resting.

    Also, for an effective result, press slowly to ensure the muscles do stretch with a concentrated body mass weighing down on them. This exercise works best for your lower body making it stronger and fitter.

    Split squat

    Stand at an upright position with your legs together. Jump outwards slightly displacing your legs outwards and proceed to squat with your hand touching the ground between your legs without necessarily bending in one motion. Jump back inwards assuming your original position.

    Do this in repetitive motions for fifteen to twenty rounds without pause. You want to make sure your upper body weight remains in a vertical line while squatting. The exercise targets the lower body muscles as well including the inner leg tendons and muscles.


    For this exercise, you can improvise so that you do a complete pushup with a little hand a shoulder stretch. Therefore, lay down on the floor or the ground (ensure you have sufficient space).

    Use your hands to push up your upper body while leaving your knees on the ground in the process.

    Now bring back your body on the ground with a straightened back and pull your hands out in front of you stretching them further straight. Complete at least fifteen to twenty of this without pausing. Some people will prefer a full pushup without having to leave their knees on the ground again, this would still work the trick.

    Shoulder tap

    Shoulder tap

    In your pushup position, raise your body such that it becomes parallel to the ground. Keeping your right arm in position, raise your left one and tap your right shoulder.

    Now, alternate the arms such that it is the right arm tapping the left arm. Repeat the same move for fifteen to twenty times. Also, you can make it a little more interesting by doing pushups in between every successful round of taps.

    Leg raising

    Leg rising

    Lie down straight on your back with face up. Put your arms on either side of your body lying on the ground.

    Raise your legs off the ground keeping straight as you possibly can and slowly lower them back to the ground but make sure you don’t touch the ground.

    Do these rounds for fifteen to twenty times repetitively. After that, you can as well slightly turn on either side of your body and try doing the same.

    The best bikini body workouts

    bikini body for women

    As pointed out earlier, bikini workouts are quite varied. And they can be customized to people depending on their specifications and stamina. You are likely to get multiple videos and sites advertising different plans for this program. Below are some of the most common, proven to work and which you will definitely like.

    With this plan, there are two options, one where you work without weights and that which jas weights. The one with weights also gives an option of lightweights or heavyweights.

    Sumo deadlift shuffle and chop side hip extension

    Make a stance with your feet just wider than your hip. Hold your dumbbell with both of your hands. With toes turned slightly outwards, lower yourself slowly into a squat until one end of the dumbbell hits the floor.

    Pull yourself explosively from this position into an upright stance and repeat as many times as possible in a half a minute.

    Also, with your hands raised and in an upright position, lift one leg keeping your torso upright. Flex your body on one leg and do the same alternating your feet repetitively for thirty seconds.

    Shot-put press

    For more effectiveness use a weight here. So, hold your dumbbell in your right hand. Stand with your right foot slightly ahead of your left with the knee slightly bent.

    Turn 180 degrees driving through your right heel as the weight is pressed overhead. The left foot acts as your pivot while turning. Return to the original position and repeat this alternating the arms and feet for 30 seconds.

    Side plank archer rows

    This exercise can be done with weights for a better result. Go into a pushup position with the body forming a parallel plank with the ground. Widen your feet slightly. Rotate to the left while rowing the weights in your left hand in the same direction. Reverse the movement and alternate with the right for thirty seconds.

    Starfish crunch

    You can do this at home. Lie back straight on the flow with legs and hands spread in a star shape. Lift the left side of your upper body and the right side of your lower body and try to tap the fingertips of the leg with your hand while keeping it straight. Do this alternating the sides for thirty seconds.

    Bikini Body Workouts at Home: Conclusion

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    Gaining a bikini body can be a fun prospect. But it remains just that – a prospect if you don’t get uncomfortable and work towards it.

    There are many workout options for home or you can visit the local gym where you can get weights to help yours through the process. It becomes easier and less painful if you are more committed to the course.

    If you wanna look good in a bikini, you should check the Bikini Body Workouts program. You can transform your body and no longer struggle with workouts and being hungry all the time. The workouts can be done at home and are very fun and effective, you will get a tone, firm and lean physique.

    The program covers everything, how to eat, how many times to workout weekly, what type of workouts, what are the best bikini body workouts for home, etc.

    Check some of the results:

    bikini body workouts results

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